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2007.09.25, 08:14 PM
Hi all,

Welcome to the I-Lap Timing system forum.

Please post any questions, comments, suggestions or any other relevant info.

I will check in regularly to respond.

wcrotty wrote a very detailed review of the newest system.
It is at http://www.mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26194, please check it out, he obviously put a lot of time into it. (Thanks again Bill)

One new development since then is a free lite version of RCScoringPro is now available for use with the new system. It is limited to 5 cars per heat, but otherwise has all the features of the standard version. It can be upgraded to the full standard version through them for only $249. This is still a great value as it is normally $599.

Thanks for stopping by,

2008.12.02, 09:20 AM
We use this system at our local track and works very good with many great features. I-lap is a quality product and you can't beat the awesome customer service. Trust me that says a lot.

2008.12.02, 03:29 PM
I second this. Great product!

I use this as a personal lap counter and absolutely love it. Works great with my mini-Z F1's, MR-02's and Mini-T's, and would be transferrable easily to larger scales. Having choices in software lap-counting packages is a major bonus as well - the RC Scoring Pro package that came with the I-Lap counter is incredible, so I've stuck with that. In fact, I'd like to give kudo's to both, as the support from I-Lap and the RC Scoring Pro folks were top-notch.

I've had this system for a bit more than a year now, and don't have any complaints. I'd make the same choice again if I was looking for another lap counter.


2011.02.27, 11:37 AM
We are using it at Hobby Town in Mooresville NC.Great product nice compact and affordable transponders.It works very well

2011.02.27, 01:06 PM
I just wanted to add, I use I-Lap for my home track and it is perfect. The system never misses a lap and the software is very intuitive with every option you could ask for. I like how in practice it calls-out the lap times :).

Great product. Transponders now come with the correct Mini-Z plugs too which is awesome.:)

Mike Keely
2015.05.21, 10:32 PM
I have a question for anyone using the newer smaller style of transponders. I have seen two brushless cars that have had issues using the newer model transponder. I can try the new style with no windshield in the car and it still only counts for about 7-10 laps then it stops counting. The red light is still blinking in the car. If you turn the car off and turn it back on again it will start to count again but for only about 10 laps. I have tried this with three of the new smaller style transponder. I take the same transponder out of a brushless car and put it in a brushed motored car and it counts perfectly. Is anyone else having this issue? I can put the older style transponder in the same brushless car and it will work perfectly using the older larger style of transponder.

2015.05.31, 02:43 PM
Hey Mike,

We have identified and solved the issue.
Please email us at cs@rclapcounter.com


2015.05.31, 03:22 PM
Glad to know this has been resolved. I emailed today to follow up on this.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this. Really appreciate the product support.

Mike Keely
2015.05.31, 07:57 PM
Thanks Craig. I sent you a email.