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2007.09.28, 05:42 PM
Hey guys, new to mini-zs and I haven't yet purchased one yet but I'm looking into it. I have a couple questions I hope you experienced guys can help me with.

First off...when I ran Xmods, the motors (stage 2 and like) came with the pinions on them. Pretty easy work...just install the motor and hook up connections. Now my question is, seeing as how mini-z's seem much more complicated and sophisticated in the way of tuning/parts/etc.., do you have to install the pinions yourself? Do some motors come with pinions preinstalled? I'm looking at the PN Racing Speedy 05 Ball Bearing Can Motor on Atomic Mods and it doesn't show pinions already mounted.(http://www.**********.com/Products/PN-Racing-Speedy-05-BB-Motor__10949.aspx) Am I missing something or do they come pre-installed?

Another thing...I never got to the stage of modifying FETs in Xmods but I surely know what they are and what they do. I've read that many people don't worry about FETs when they are racing, many run a spec motor that goes with their class (HFAY motor or like) and can run stock FETs. I plan to get involved in some racing, or atleast try it, but I would also be interested in modifying my car a bit more...Is it hard to solder FETs? I'd like to try it myself but I would also not like to burn up a $140 car VS. a $50 one. Would you suggest modifying the FETs? What size is the stock FET? I believe I read it's a 3010? Explain for me guys.....thanks in advance.

BTW....what brand of motor do you guys suggest? PN seems pretty good to me and I've read alot about them...

2007.09.28, 08:43 PM
What's up, when you first get you're Mini-Z it should come with one of the pinion gears already installed on the motor.. If you get a readyset{car/body and transmitter sold together}you will get a set of 4 different pinion gears.. The set has 6,7,8, and 9tooth pinion gears included, and changing them is really easy.. The pinions are plastic, and you just gently pull one off, and carefully push on another pinion.. You will have to cut the extra pinion gears off of the plastic trees with an X-Acto knife blade or some other small cutters first... Also, almost all motors that are available for the Mini-Z don't come with pinion gears included.. So no, the motors for the Mini-Z don't have the pinions pre-installed...

As far as modifying the FET's, I wouldn't recommend trying to install them yourself.. Unless you have previous experience in doing precision soldering, or else you run the risk of ending up with a $140 dollar "paperweight".. You should'nt need to modify the stock 3010 FET's at first because w/the right motor and battery combination, a 3010 FET equipped car can get up to around 20-23MPH depending on gearing... I recommend you take it slow at first, then maybe down the road consider upgrading the FET's.. If you ever feel the need to upgrade the FET's, there are stores that will replace/stack the FET's for you.. Depending on where you live, you might be able to have someone do an FET upgrade for you locally... Your'e best bet is to hookup with a local club/track and race with them...

When it comes to choosing motors, everyone has their own opinion on which is best.. For starting out, the PN Speedy 05 is okay, so is Kyosho's X-Speed motor.. I personally recommend PN's Speedy 07 motor, or the Atomic HFAY season 4 motor.. As long as you stick with name brands like Kyosho, PN, or Atomic, you should do just fine.. Just make sure that the motor you get for you're car is safe to use with the stock 3010FET's.. If not you run the risk of burning up the FET's in the car......

2007.09.29, 01:09 AM
Tires first... 8, 10 & Kyosho 20s are a great place to start. Then go slowly into the hop ups... find out what you need the car to do first, then buy the gear that will help you get where you need to be. Tires, Xspeed and a new set of well charged nimh batts should get you surprisingly close to the ballpark of a top performing car.

2007.09.29, 09:00 AM
Cool, thanks guys. I appreciate your help!

Another question or 2... :p

Do the BB can motors run smoother and more efficiently or do they allow more power? Basicallly whats the advantage to running a BB can?

Do the motors come with heatsinks? Would it be smart to ad a heatsink to a hotter motor or leave if off to avoid the weight gain? I guess it kinda depends on your run time too....