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2007.09.30, 10:54 AM
during my daily browsing of ebay i noticed there are a couple ready set kits called "I-Series 2" and they come with a "eco" motor

you can see the attaached images from the ebay reseller

if you see this, will these kits make it to the u.s.?
can we get some details on the motor these kits come with?
what makes the I-Series 2 different from the initial I-Series release?

2007.09.30, 02:12 PM
I noticed these this morning, and waited for some official response on here. Glad ya made a thread, hope Tim can gives us answers. Looks interesting, and I kind of want one... :)

2007.09.30, 02:35 PM
it looks to me that these are the MR-02 Chassis' with the I-series board.

the I-series was released with the NASCAR release and was a MR-015 chassis.

I'm not positive but I would guess that is the difference.

me personally I want that Ford GT with the Silver and Black stripes. I haven't seen that as an ASC.

2007.09.30, 04:19 PM
i don't think that's the case brian. the i-series had enzo's in japan.

proof: http://shop.tinyrc.com/product.php?productid=18321

2007.09.30, 04:28 PM
I like the packaging, reminds me of the old brown box sets. With the windows for the chassis and body. With extra ones for the tire/ wheels, and motor. My guess is the TX is under it all.

2007.09.30, 04:33 PM
Maybe it's the 2 motors in the package.

2007.09.30, 05:23 PM
The back of the box says you get 2 hours of run time with that "eco" motor.

2007.09.30, 05:51 PM
Like a mild endurance motor?

2007.10.03, 09:11 PM
Like a mild endurance motor?
from the kyosho website

Controlled speed substantially increases run times with this Eco Tuned motor. Run times increased by 50% ! (Compatible with Mini-Z Racer, Formula, Overland and Monster).
*As for MINI-Z Formula car, MINI-Z Overland, MINI-Z Monster, use is possible. /MINI-Z AWD is impossible of use.

Tim Johnson
2007.10.04, 11:44 AM
These cars are not aimed for the racer. They are aimed for the entry level person. They come with a motor that is slower than the normal Mini-Z stock motor.

Otherwise this is really just the same I series, with better packaging. Again, there is nothing different, chassis wise, between an I series, and a standard Mini-Z. Electronics wise, you have Forward and Reverse, no breaks.

2007.10.04, 11:47 AM
ah, so this explains why it's not recommended for use with the awd. a weaker motor might not be able to push all the friction/parts sufficiently i guess.

can you tell us the msrp for these domestically? the prices i've seen on ebay are as much or higher than the normal fet kits.

btw, kudos to kyosho for making an entry level product. i assume this replaces the palm runner line?

Tim Johnson
2007.10.04, 11:59 AM
Also to add to this, the car is ARR. You will need to install the body, tires, and motor.

Also, with the motor provided, you can get two hours of run time.

2007.10.04, 01:26 PM
Will these motors be available individually. sounds like the perfect motor to use in my boys car. something slower is right on par for someone learning to drive his first R/C.

Tim Johnson
2007.10.04, 04:59 PM
What makes these more apealing to you, say over the NASCAR?

2007.10.04, 05:42 PM
What makes these more apealing to you, say over the NASCAR?

Was this directed at me? I have two of the Iwaver Nascars RTR's and they are quite nice.

I was more refering to that ECO motor. something slower as the stock motor is still to fast for a 4yr old.

Tim Johnson
2007.10.04, 05:45 PM
I was refering to everyone that is a Mini-z racer / hobbyist

2007.10.04, 06:21 PM
nascar is like f1. you have your minority group that is ok with either, your die hards and the rest don't care. don't expect to reach everyone with either product. the run of the mill i-series with normal lineup bodies will appeal to a larger audience.

2007.10.04, 06:59 PM
These cars are not aimed for the racer. They are aimed for the entry level person. They come with a motor that is slower than the normal Mini-Z stock motor.

That is exactly the idea I had from the name "eco". A good starter motor for new drivers. Be better than my frankenmotor X speed can/magnets and stock armature, may be easier on the fets as well.

First question, These "eco" motors will they be sold separate? The I series bundle is a good idea.

Last question, what price range will the "eco" motors have next to the Kyosho stock and X speed motors?