View Full Version : Atomic Servo Motor

2007.10.01, 11:09 AM

Has anyone used this? I am having some AWD steering issues and was wondering if this is any better than Kyosho stock.

2007.10.09, 08:04 AM
Being the stock servo is a pain to deal with I wonder if this is worth the hastle?

2007.10.17, 03:26 PM
I purchased one to put into an mr-02 that I had rebuilt with an FDlabs/Iwaiver/Atomic/firelap board. those have a servo motor with a plastic pinion that has a tight gear mesh with the servo gears, causing it to get caught on side sometimes. I replaced it with this Atomic metal pinion servo motor and it works great. I don't think that it is better than kyosho, but I could be wrong. It depends on what type of problem you are having.