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2002.05.06, 10:05 PM
I made new track barriers for my living room out of styrofoam panels(DOW floormate/roofmate). I cut them out with a cardboard cutter in 2 hours after i CAD designed them on my computer. The lanes are 16" wide and its still drivable. These are 1inch thick panels, high enough i did not yet flip over even at full speed, and there is still enough clearance for the mirrors. The results: scratches on the body are history and i can now race my display shells :D :D :D . The polystyren panels stay in place with velcro tape on the existant low pile carpet. The whole track is mounted/dismounted in less than 2 minutes, each piece has a mounting # and i keep them in a cardboard box for storage... :p

2002.05.06, 10:09 PM
And here is the layout

2002.05.07, 05:59 AM
cool idea.... and when your car crashes u have "snow" flying instead of car parts :D :D

2002.05.07, 06:14 AM

the material is dense enough not to disaggregate. Its not a ball type polystyrene like the one for packing but its a kind of foam. It is even solid enough you can walk on it :)

2002.05.07, 06:24 AM
Close up on material:

2002.05.07, 03:01 PM
icic... hehe.... that's pretty cool......