View Full Version : Season IV Retro drops Vote Down. Please Read.

2007.10.03, 11:30 PM
Due to the fervent debate over whether or not to retroactively apply Drops to Season IV, the OLPS Judges took a vote on the matter. This was done quickly to reach a resolution before the September results are posted. We consulted with our club members and voted based on their wishes.

By a vote of 11 to 4, the decision was reached to continue Season IV without Drops as per the posted rules. 3 of the 18 Judges did not cast a vote, but that would not have changed the outcome.

NOTE: This does not concern Season V. Those rules are currently being discussed and options will be presented soon, including Drops. Club members will then tell their Judges which rules they prefer and that is how the Judges will vote.

This was a one time vote taken due to the special circumstances, and so the final official word on the matter. Normally only rule clarifications would occur mid-season.

Unfortunately it is impossible to make everyone happy in this instance due to the polar opposite positions. We ask that everyone please accept the rules and simply enjoy racing little toy cars for the fun sport it is.

Please direct any further rules discussions toward what you'd like to see for Season V. Discuss it with your club Judges so they know your wishes, and lets have fun racing