View Full Version : Question on New radio

2001.12.03, 07:44 PM
I've heard many 'experienced' mini-z and rc enthusiasts say the perfex radio (KT-2) that comes with the kit is complete junk. I'm starting to believe them:) .

Anyways, i'm convinced a new radio would help ALOT :)
I've been thinking about getting the Perfex EX-11, especially made for the Z, anyone have any comments on this radio?,

or , anyone know of another good radio that will do wonders to the z? ;)

thx alot

2001.12.03, 07:56 PM
Yeah, the radio helps alot, especially with range and control. I have a perfex radio that came with my Nitro Quake (Duratrax) and it is a cheaper radio, but it helps a real lot.:)

2001.12.04, 01:45 AM
i broke two controllers/transmitters.... recent one still in use, but sometimes looses contact with the batteries, and goes haywire... luckily no hard crashes...