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2007.10.06, 10:43 PM
Ok, strong statement I know, but these guys are great.

I have two of the MH-C9000's. I have allot of other chargers (IC3's, Lacross C900, ICE) . But on race day, I turn to my pair of MH-C900's.

Simple, fast, and efficient. The bigger footprint helps cooling and prevents some of the venting I get with the Lacross.

I knew MAHA had good products. But I had no idea they had such good service.

I run all my gear from a 20amp 12v Power supply. One day I messed up and plugging neg to positive on my c9000 and POOF! white smoke and a fried charger.

I opened it up, and saw one small component fried. I thought MAHA may be able to replace it so I gave them a call not really expecting much.

The guy on the phone says..."Sure, just send it in and we'll fix it." So I tell him, I'm off to the words in a few weeks and ask if I can over night it to him. He then says..."oh...Tell you what, I'll send you a replacement, then you can just ship yours to us in the same box".

One day later... I have the replacement in my hand. They overnighted it to me. They even put a return UPS shipping tag on it so I would not need to pay for shipping.


I've had 2 LaCross chargers fry on me. Not of my own doing. They just fried. When I called them, they made me ship mine to them first, and then 6 weeks later I got a replacement. Not bad, but no where as cool as the guys at MAHA.

In today's world this kind of quality and service is uncommon.

Looking for the best charger? I'm recommending the MH-C9000. You can't go wrong.

2007.10.06, 11:05 PM
Yet another good review. I think this is next on my "must have" list.


2007.10.07, 12:04 AM
It's re-assuring to know that Maha has such good customer service... One of the top racers in our'e club uses the MH-C9000, and it seems to be the charger of choice.. I am currently using Lacrosse's BC900 charger and I like it.. Although it tends to overheat when charging AAA's at anything over 700 Mah without the aid of a cooling fan... This can get to be highly annoying after a while... How much does the MH-C9000 cost?? I'm considering picking one up.. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...

2007.10.07, 12:14 AM
where do you get that charger at?

2007.10.07, 12:20 AM
Thamas distributing has them for around $60. You get a cool carry case too. Ultimate Hobbies in Orange CA has them in stock. I think they sell them for $69, but I can't remember.

2007.10.07, 08:53 AM
we sell the maha here in the shop, very good price too :)

2007.10.07, 01:41 PM
where do you get that charger at?

Check out shop.TinyRC.com for a wide selection of MAHA Chargers and Batteries (http://shop.tinyrc.com/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=61&page=1&sort=price&sort_direction=0) :


We just got a big shipment of them in.

rharris, thanks for posting your success story - we've had excellent support from them as well. I'll make sure they see this thread, they have shown a great deal of interest in everyone's posts on their products. :)

2007.10.07, 02:54 PM
i heard many good things about maha chargers....i got the MH-C401FS.
Simple.....no bells or whistles and it does an awesome job....

2007.10.26, 05:57 PM
I just got the MH-C9000 a few days ago from the shop here. I like its features, it has a great display and from what I can tell, works well. I have been comparing some of my cells in it with the refresh/analyze setting...

I bought it right after reading this thread. I allways like companies that have great service. I never bought the Lacrosse because I know there were issues, and some people had tough times getting replacements.

As of now, the chargers I bring to the track; 2x Duracell 30 minute, 1x Energizer 15 minute. I have yet to bring the Maha since I got it a few days ago, but should be trying it out tomorrow. What I usually would do would be to discharge my cells when I get to the track, then charge them up with the duracell charger. 5 minutes before race, I would put the set in the Energizer 15min charger and top them off. From what I have noticed, the Energizer seems to peak a little later than the Duracells, and I have alot more punch early. I backed up my hunch using the Maha's discharge function, using 2 cells from the duracell charger and 2 cells from the energizer... Both of the Energizers cells had about 50mah higher than the duracell.

I may get another Maha charger, so it would be easier to group my cells into racing and practice sets. Lately I run what I have and havent been worrying about which sets to run... But I need a little more speed in my spec class (stock motors).

2007.10.29, 11:22 AM
I just had a problem with my lacrosse. They also made me ship first, but turn around for me was only a week and a half. I sent them the charger and adapter, they sent me back a NIP unit

2007.11.26, 12:32 PM
I know this is a pretty old topic now, but I would just like to vouch for MAHA's customer service. The first slot on my MH-C9000 charger malfunctioned and I asked MAHA for options to have it repaired from Canada. They replied within 24 hours asking for my address so they could ship a replacement right away! Gestures like these make me a strong supporter of the company.

I also currently using Powerex batteries for Mini-Z and most likely going to purchase some AA's for my photography equipment.

Can't go wrong with MAHA/Powerex!


2008.01.04, 05:10 AM
I want to reply to this post because I have always been a big supporter of good customer service. I could make a long story here but I'll make it short and just say that rharris and other do the right thing to post a good service on the forums because it is very rare these days to get that good service!

I definitely will be buying MAHA brand where ever I need a item that they have to offer because of this post. Great job MAHA, I love to here that there still are companies that think beyond profit. Absolutely fantastic service with rharris! :) :p

2008.03.12, 10:21 AM
After my big simple charger fried a set of Orion 1100s, I took the advice of Tony at TTM and picked up the Maha WizardOne. My favorite feature is the break-in cycle. I now run every new set of cells through the full break-in. It may take 18+ hours but the results are worth the wait. Even my practice PN 800s are showing more kick than i can remember. I want to see how well this does with matched Team Scream cells.