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Dusty Weasle
2007.10.09, 01:38 AM
After watching Top Gear tonight (we finally get it on BBC America) an idea occurred to me. Send a letter and video to Top Gear showing them what you guys do and invite them out for a race.

It's an extreme long shot, but you can't win if you don't play. If they come out they'll be advertising on BBC2 for you for free. Maybe they'll do one of their funny bits between reviews. Organized racing in the UK that is affordable for everyone and you don't have to worry about wrecking a $1M car.

And then there is the ultimate scenario. Be sure to include images of F1 racing. Imagine, just imagine, if they arrange to bring out Jensen Button and/or Lewis Hamilton to race little toy Formula 1 cars! I'll be on a flight directly if that fantasy situation plays out.

2007.10.09, 05:42 AM
Thanks K,

It's an interesting idea and I always tune into the programme and last night's new series. Glad you get it over there too - BBC America, never knew that!

I've had similar ideas with other press but to be honest, have never got around to setting something up and I don't think I'd have thought to contact Top Gear! I guess there's no reason not to go straight to the top :cool: Whether they would be interested in any form of RC I don't know.

I shall certainly put it on the 'to do' list BUT Jenson absolutely, Lewis - rather not ;)


2007.10.09, 11:44 AM
I am thrilled that Top Gear is back on in the US. I loved the show when it was on Discovery Channel for the brief little bit. Had been getting my fill of Richard Hammond on Brainiac on G4TV.

I must say the British version is much better than the slightly altered old US version but the one thing I do miss is the conversions put on the screen, KM to M and pounds to dollars. Pounds to dollars is an easy one now though, just double the price in Pounds and you get the US dollars.

2007.11.26, 06:38 AM
they have already done RC, but with 1/1 scale cars :D