View Full Version : Had Some Fun Last Saturday

2007.10.10, 05:59 PM
It's been awhile since the sounds of Mini-Zs could be heard at Tom Thumb Hobbies. Last Saturday Mike invited the usual suspects back to have a little fun and blow the dust off our cars.

From the looks of it, we will start racing on Saturdays pretty soon.

See you at the track.

2007.10.10, 06:35 PM
that sounds great, maybe a group of us from Dayton can come to join you all sometime

2007.10.11, 02:22 AM
still no word on westf1 a.k.a abe????
anyway nice to hear that you guys are back...

2007.10.12, 05:05 PM
No word from Abe.

Once we get going, we would be happy to have you over to run with us.

2007.10.13, 06:42 PM
that's sounds great, when you get going please post some sort of a schedule that you all will be running and I'll let everyone know Thanks

2007.10.16, 04:55 PM
Once we figure everything out, Mike will most likely post a schedule.