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2007.10.14, 07:08 PM
Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at brazing a chassis. I used a Benz-O-Matic propane torch from the 70's, some old 60-40 rosin core solder, and some square and round brass tubing (dunno what size). The body is a custom painted Toyota Harrier Mini-Z body.

It's a little rough, I still need to grind off the excess solder, etc. I'm going to add one or two more crossmembers on the lower part for some more strength and protection. I'm considering a skidplate, too. I'd like input on that.

Where the body sits now. At this height I could easily pop a full interior in there and have plenty of room for everything. It's pretty high though, I might drop it 1-2 cm when I get the side clips out of the body.

One 'lil mockup with some old toy MT wheels. I'm not sure if I want to use Mini-Z Monster Axles or SSMT axles. The MZM setup would be a big plus since I can't fabricate drivetrains to save my life, but I'd be stuck with RWD...not much good for crawling.

2007.10.14, 08:05 PM
looks interesting. i look forward to following this build :)

2007.10.15, 12:38 AM
I do lean toward the MZM setup. In fact I am working on a Midnight Pumpkin/ Lunchbox custom chassis right now. The front solid axle is a four link based loosly on the Overland/ Monster setup. I say that as I think the RWD trucks do have potental. I like the 4WD trucks as well, but the short run times kinda put me off that.

I also like to see where this goes as well.

2007.10.15, 01:18 AM
Looks like it will be a great build, I look forward to seeing more. I have just started into building custom crawlers based on the mini-z so I am watching all the builds I can. Keep us all posted.

2007.10.15, 03:50 PM
I'll try to work on it and update it as much as possible, but school has to be my #1 priority. I'll probably work on the interior while I look for MZM parts. I'm getting a new Tekin ESC from a friend soon, and I can grab another Losi Synthesized Mini Reciever for about 40$, so that takes care of the elecs. No idea what motor I'll use, but at this point I'm pretty much working with the stuff I have, which means I can get the interior done in the next week or 2.

Edit: Interior completed.

When you do stuff like this, Ultra Fine tip Sharpies are your best friend :D