View Full Version : Monster goes trial

2007.10.15, 06:40 PM
So after a while of running my monster I got tired of repairing my shock mounts after braking them. I don't want to replace half the truck with aluminum for it to be bash proof. so...

I decided to go the opposite way, a Trial Truck. Based loosely from a Unimog.

I've made the choice to go with a scratchbuilt bodyshell, and have done a speedy 5min semi-mockup in scrap cardboard to try and guage how it would look.


I'm going to extend the wheelbase by about 2" or so, and I haven't decided what I'm going to do for a bed. Either a flatbed or a high camper style bed.

Body will be built with styrene, but I'm still considering Balsa Wood as an option too.

Stay tuned, more to come.

2008.01.16, 06:11 PM
How's the unimog coming along? I'm very interested in seeing this one.