View Full Version : My Concrete Surface Track

2007.10.16, 11:42 PM
Here is my first track...the main track to run in our shop when I'm bored of running my cars inside. It consists of a smooth concrete surface and 2 by 4s placed together. :p Yea it's cheap...but it works. It's kept well swept at all times (every time I drive on it)..and there are few cracks to throw the cars off course. This track is really a test track because it's very hard to find what works and what doesn't. Tire setup is a big part...but I've learned alot of with my MR02 and Xmod Evo on this surface.

This track will show you what works and what doesn't...period.

It will have to work until I can get some RCP. I also have a low-pile carpet track downstairs...but I prefer the concrete over the carpet. I'm sure this will change once it gets colder outside and I can get myself to purchase a good set of foams... :rolleyes:

2007.10.24, 03:47 PM
Yea I know...it's super lame!! lol...hopefully got some RCP coming when I got the money. Trying to get some guys at work into Z's, right now they only have Xmods.

2007.11.10, 09:42 PM
the lights make it look realy cool, like an air port run way track. :cool: