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2007.10.17, 09:19 AM

Was wondering if the Porsche 934 body can fit the MR-01? Nice forum!

Thank you


2007.10.17, 09:45 AM
yes, the mr-01 is essentially the same as the mr-015 with a different rear end motor pod/h plate configuration. if the existing mr-01 rear end does not fit the wheelbase, you can use mzr h plates that were designed to merge the new rear ends with the old screw pattern for the mr-01. likewise the mr-01 stock rear end track width will not match the mr-015 rear end track width as the diff is longer i believe. you may need to adjust the wheel offset choice.

or you could just convert the mr-01 to an mr-015. there are threads on this conversion and whats needed already.

2007.10.17, 09:50 PM
Of course it can work, the overall track width is the same. And both the MR015 and MR01 can be set to the 86mm S wheelbase length. About all changing to a new motor pod would do is modernize the car. The MR02-MR015 motor pods (RM and HM type) will center the motor for better left right balance, with the only downside is you need the diff (MR02, ball or stock gear your choice) to go with it as the MR01 diff no longer fits it. The shaft is the same length, just the MR02 diff the gear is closer to the tire with more space between the bearings/bushings. They attach to the standard MR01 plates just fine. If the MR01 is the MR01F, you already have the MR02 diff on it.

My MR01 has the MR02 ball diff with the MR01F motor mount. The plate is a standard MR01 plate, think it's an old Powerline CF plate. About the only hold up with MM bodies is you will need a plate thats 4mm shorter for the 98mm bodies. Nascar bodies are 102mm so you can use them with the stock plate, I suggest an upper shock for added support though.

2007.10.19, 11:28 AM
Thank you for all your inputs, will do some reaserch on the threads you mentioned.

2007.11.23, 04:37 PM
I like the looks of thoes bodies

2007.12.10, 05:09 PM
I have to say the street black 934 is gorgeous. I got one and I ain't racing it at all.