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Tim Johnson
2007.10.16, 05:45 PM
New Perfex Transmitter, KT-18 ASF
•The new KT-18 TX unit will allow 40 Mini-Zs to race at the same time.
•Will automatically search for an open Frequency, NO Xtals needed!
•Radio response speed increased 33%, compared to the KT-5
•Only one radio required to control other 2.4ghz equipped Mini-Zs
•Steering angle and throttle angles can be adjusted
•Digital trim adjustments
•Blue LED lights indicate Power, Bind Mode, and Training mode
•Only 4 AAA Batteries required for TX operation
•Expansion slot for add on features. (available in future)
February 2008 Arrival
80021B TX only
Release Date: Jan/Feb

Initially released with MR02LM Series with 2.4Ghz System ARR
•Fully factory assembled chassis with high capacity FET
•NEW 2.4Ghz radio system
•Pre painted bodies
•Four sizes of pinion gears
•Pinion gear tool
•Spacers for front suspension adjustment

•New motor case and friction dampener as
standard equipment.
•Motor now located 5.5mm lower and
2.5mm toward the center, compared to the MM motor case.
•Equipped with I.C.S Port
•Transmitter and receiver response time has increased 33%
•2.4Ghz Technology

February 2008 Arrival
30441KR-B Porsche 962 No.10
30441KR-B Porsche 962 No.1
Release Date: Jan/Feb