View Full Version : Racing Schedual for November 07

Old Crow
2007.10.23, 03:26 PM
Is this known yet ? Will there be a larger get together like last year ?

2007.10.23, 03:33 PM
Uhhhh... well, we're kinda playing it by ear as of late. I'm gonna say the 11th and the 25th for now. The usual invite goes out to anyone and everyone! I wonder if any of the DC crew is interested in a 3 hour trip up? Would be nice to get some of the newer MZR guys up for a small GTG as well (KBojar, Mclaren27, DaveyG ???).

Glad to hear you might make it back down Crow!

For those who don't know... directions are here on our site:


I'll update this thread when we pin it down to the actual dates.

2007.10.23, 03:42 PM
dc dates are 11th and 25th as well. 11th for us is hfay, we were hoping to squeeze in the classic car race on the 25th. december wil be shot for just about everyone. as soon as we figure out what dc will be doing in the new year, we can set a date for the endurance race. maybe ncrc would be interested in the endurance race?

2007.10.26, 03:01 PM
Well... it seems like we'll be running both of those days. If anything changes, I'll update accordingly.