View Full Version : i need more break

2002.05.08, 06:40 PM
how can i get more breaking with these cars? will a diode work?

2002.05.08, 06:59 PM
Don't know how to get more braking from a forward reverse speed control. Maybe some of the electronics guys can help.

But you can get the car to slow down when you let up on the throttle. This can be dialed in on the throttle trim adjustment wheel. Simply adjust the throttle trim until the car begins to back up and then adjust it until it stops backing. Try it and you will notice that the car will slow as soon as you let up on the throttle. Usually this is enough to shift the weight and get you set-up for turning into a corner. Try it you might like it.

BTW, this called using a drag brake, memory is a terrible thing to waste!

2002.05.08, 08:09 PM
Stronger motor magnets will do it ;)

2002.05.08, 08:54 PM
My idea is:

Use strong magnet can decelerate faster. Moreover, strong magnet can increase the torque of motor too but less rpm.

I suggest to use a less turns rotor with strong magnet. The result should be: high torque, good top speed and fast deceleration but higher electric consumption. It may be a heavy load to the turbo.

I will buy some thin strong magnet on the coming Sat and make one prototype motor as well.

I will report the result later.:cool: