View Full Version : High Speed Hobbies Track Pics

2007.10.26, 08:42 AM
Here are some pics of the race track:

2007.10.27, 12:57 AM
I'll try to get up there and check it out. Looks like a nice facility. Might be fun to dust off the 1:18 xray too.

2007.10.27, 10:25 AM
We race just about every Thursday night @ 7. I have recently began talking to the owners about converting to RCP track. Radio Shack.com has the wide ovals on sale for $49 ea. I figure that 6 of them would just about fill the place up and then we could run the HFAY also. Come on up!!

2007.11.28, 11:37 AM
I will try to take some if I get up that way today! If not it would be cool to get some pics on race night.