View Full Version : Live - PN Racing Mini-Z World Cup 2007 Finals in Lisbon

2007.10.26, 09:08 AM
Check this two link

www.PNWC-live.com (http://luisserver.homeip.net/pnracing2007/)

Check the result and photos.

2007.10.26, 05:44 PM
We wish good luck to all competitors especially our compatriot Cristian T., who earns the best.

2007.10.26, 08:01 PM
You can do it Rod

2007.10.29, 11:42 AM
Did C. Tabush take the 2WD Stock win? Can't wait for some report...

2007.10.29, 12:30 PM
Looks like he did according to the results from the live page.


2007.10.29, 10:39 PM
Didn't look that closely, but it looks like Cristian took 1st in 2WD Stock, 3rd in AWD Mod, and 6th? in 2WD Mod. Good job!

2007.10.29, 10:40 PM
any more pics & what about vids? waiting for a report as well :D

2007.10.29, 10:51 PM
Looks like Chad Nelson took 3rd in F1.

2007.10.29, 10:54 PM
David Moret, my F1 buddy from 2005, takes 1st in Pan Car. Depending on the points system, Jacob Feinstien and Noe Miralta are 2nd and 3rd.

2007.10.30, 11:00 AM
In effect I did take 2wd stock. Anti-climactic again. I lapped the field in both of the first 2 mains and watched from the stands for the third one.

In modified I finished 7th after qualifying 2nd overall. I had really bad luck getting taken out in the first 2 mains on the first lap. None of the Americans had the right tires for the race. The track was set-up inside a tent outdoors and the track was very humid and cold. PN 8 degree tires had no grip and did not wear at all. Warfile was nice enough to give me a set of lazer-etched 20 degree Kyosho slicks which I ran in the third main of modified (which I led half of the time until one of my intellect cells went dead.)

Stock and F1 were run at the end of the day due to some scheduling conflict with the Barcelona drivers`flights. By then I had got the tire combination and set-up right for the MR02 and had a fairly easy time in the 2wd stock mains. Miguel Carvalho won 2wd modified in fairly easy fashion though, he had a very good pace all weekend and it all came together in the mains for him, he drove flawlessly and won the first 2 mains in convicing fashion.

Jacob took 3rd in pan car, with the TGR and crappy tires. The first main he dumped because they re-scheduled 10 minutes before the start of the race after Phillip decided to accomodate the Spanish TRP pilots. He did not have a full charge, as well as 4 others. VERY UNFAIR IF YOU ASK ME. They almost cancelled the triple A mains again this year, until I led a contingent of American and Portuguese pilots to Protest Philip`s decision to cancell the triple A-Mains because his TRP boys had to leave early...

In AWD modified my car was a bucket, but I had fairly good luck except for the second main when I passed Hugo for second place as he proceeded to ram into the rear end of my car, breaking my body and front gear diff. No penalties were assesed either. Hugo was clearly the quickest, but perhaps with a penalty he would not have won the second main and Noe M. might have taken the overall win.

The event was very well organized, best race, at any scale that I have ever attended. CPRMA secured very many corporate sponsors and the event was TOP NOTCH. THey had a crew of around 10 people running the event. Of course as it was a World Championship there was a bit of controversy, but overall it was a great weekend.

I'll report more later. Thanks for the kind words...

2007.10.30, 12:34 PM
thanks for the quick review :) not to deminish you but it's certainly refreshing to read someone who does as well as you do deals with the same setup hassles as the little guys. :p

2007.11.04, 03:58 PM
Thank you Cristian, I admire your courage to express all your feelings. Whithout your help it would be difficult to have the PN attention to all the issues that you saw. In this world, there are two kinds of people, the ones who have the right to speak and that are listened because of their importance, and the ones who try to be listened and do their best trying to explain everything clearly but they are not listened because they don't deserve to have a word. You are the first one and I thank you for your intervention, and i'm the second one and i'm tired of speaking to the walls. It was clear for you that we tryed everything to have this race perfect and calm to all the drivers, we had time, we had conditions, but we don't have a word in anything. But dispite of all the issues that I disagreed, we was able to do our best, allways targetting our goal....the best we can do, and we did it. In my opinion, with all this effort we have done history. The drivers were perfect, high level, great fair play, the best in the world. The organization, amazing, work until late hours, no sleep at all, allways good looking and lots of concentration. In resume, a great weekend, with all my friends. Thank you Cristian, thank you american guys for being here and fight for this cause.

2007.12.17, 01:20 PM
hmm... very interesting...