View Full Version : bought my first monster!

2007.10.27, 12:17 AM
i'm liking every bit of it! sucks that there isnt much upgrades for these. after 20 min of playing, im going to upgrade the fets to a 4x2 stack and will start runnin a hot motor.

update : car seem to slow for me so i did the fet upgrade along with a hand wound motor. i love it! not super fast as my mr02's but its fast. gonna run 6 cells soon ;D



the collection ;]

2007.10.28, 10:45 AM
The monster trucks were not intended to go fast. Like the Overlands, they were made for crawling over stuff. I just hope that with the invention of the AWD Mini-Z, that they would come back with an AWD Monster tuck and/or Overland and up the speed a bit.
The Monster is great for outdoores as it can go over a lot of terrain.

2007.10.29, 10:04 PM
Welcome to the madness, I'd order alloy shock mounts in advance! I've smashed mine to pieces.

Monsters are lots of fun, the alloy wheels handle great if you are wanting to race. But just a stock/x-speed monster with alloys doesn't wheelie too well. Can you get wheelies from a standstill with your motor ?

2007.11.01, 03:43 PM
yeah my monster wheelies on a dead stop. im lookin into going brushless soon :D

2007.11.14, 12:15 AM
I run xspeed with lipos on my monsters and they do wheelies from stop. I do have the fet upgrades but with just the xspeed motor I wonder if the fet upgrade is necessary.

2008.01.16, 05:43 PM
I found using decent minh batteries does the trick when i first got my MZM i used alkalines and wasn't too impressed.....then used 1000mah rechargables and WOW what a difference!