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2007.10.30, 07:41 AM
First Year
First International Race
First Worlds
First Podium

We are glad to announce that Jacob Feinstein from Atomicmods finished as 3rd on the PN Worlds with Sinister. Its not been even a year that we announced the release of Sinister. Today we are proud that Sinister raced in Worlds and did pretty well in the finals especially considering it was the only car that represented TGR.

At TGR we are aware that we have a lot of jobs ahead and this result will force us even for more.

We explicitly thank Jacob and Christian from Atomicmods Team for well preperation for this event and their great cooperation. Also thanks to PN Racing for this great event.

Congratulations to the champion David MORET and Noe MIRALTA for their great performance in the event.

This year we've proved that we have a car with great racing potential. Now the next target is to make it the best.

2007.10.30, 08:56 AM
congrats! :D

2007.11.01, 12:05 AM
I spoke with Jacob at the worlds. He said the car ran well. All the guys from the USA teams think Jacob would have done better had it not been for a last minuet schedule change.

His team did not have his cells property charged. They expected the pan car mains to run in the afternoon, but they were rescheduled and ran in the morning instead. As a result, the cells dumped in the first A main and cost Jacob some much needed points.

Oh well, that's racing.

All in all a very cool car that held it's own against the tried and true MR-02.

2007.11.02, 01:08 AM
Thanks for your supportive statements.

I wish Jacob could find optimum tires for the track also. Christian stated that humidity and temperature made many tire options obselete. With a good set of tires; it would even be an easy victory for Jacob. Anyway, as you also said; that's racing all about. Better each time.