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2007.10.30, 02:40 PM
Hi there, just wondering if you could give any details and pictures of the TGR C1 charger/discharger. I really need to find a way to discharge my packs for the Sinister. Will there be a way to discharge each cell individually?


2007.10.31, 03:16 PM
How's your car Wes?? Will you try it tonite?

2007.11.01, 01:21 AM
We've designed and tested C1 as an universal RC Charger and discharger. That's why we didn't add any individual charge and discharge feature. However that function seemed to be very important for TGR customers and thats why we've hold the release of C1.

At the moment there is protype waiting to be finished in our R&D desk just for this function. I guess we'll release it with this years toy fair in Nurenberg.


2007.11.01, 09:29 PM
Thanks Wolf! Can't wait! The Sinister is getting a lot of interest here in Toronto, we all look forward to seeing what you've got in development! :)