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2007.11.02, 07:25 AM

I've heard that in the coming year, the Giro-Z system will be coming with USB as opposed to the current interface which is serial. I've also heard that there will be an USB adapter for legacy systems (i.e. ones with serial).

With that said, can you use a USB to serial adapter with the current system and software?


2007.11.03, 07:41 AM
you need to be careful with some USB to serial adapters.....
I dont have the Giro system but in my Full time vocation
we flash computer softwares onto various boards via our laptops....
The new laptops no longer come w serial ports so we bought adapters...
some work some do not...I found that the Radio Shack version works.

2008.01.29, 12:58 PM
Note to anyone interested: PN (Philip) confirmed that he is in the process of testing Giro-Z's own USB to serial adapter which looks successful so far.

Word is that this should be available soon to all legacy system owners and available with new kits soon. I assume Giro-Z should announce officially when it is actually available.