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2007.11.02, 09:36 PM
the mini-z monster has 2 suspension pins which go through the battery case and hold on the lower arms (the pieces that go from this hinge point to the front or rear suspension). There are 2 adjustments for the front pin and 3 places that the rear pin can be placed.
What do changes to this pin location do? I tried moving them and it just seemed to bind up the shocks so that they did not move freely. So I put them back in the stock position.

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2007.11.03, 07:41 AM
Those pins are more for the overland. The monster and OL share the same chassis. If you want to run longer or shorter bodies on the OL you have to move the pins and change the shock towers.

2007.11.03, 09:14 AM
I always wondered why Kyosho has never came out with the longer tower for the Monster. Many if us was left to a do it yourself method here. We start with using the rear upper links up front, then the front links get cut and lengthened. The last part is standing off the shocks so that they dont bind up. Monsters do drive better with a longer wheelbase mod.

Here's a good thread on that.

2007.11.03, 09:27 AM
thanks for the answer.