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2007.11.04, 11:53 AM
Ok so ive noticed that alot of people have questions about how to tune a disk damper. I did too when I first started using them. I read a write up on sanding the disk dampers on another site, the write up showed you how to do it but didnt give you any results. I looked at my PN disk dampers I noticed that the surface has a texture almost like an orange peel. So i tried sanding it, this is what i did.

1.I used a piece of 2000 grit sand paper.

2.Put the piece of sand paper on a flat surface and drip some water on the paper. Wet sanding will keep grit from building up and will help you sand quicker. Use even pressure and circular motoions to help keep the suface flat and smooth. You only have to sand where the disk will ride on the damper plate. Keep sanding until the entire area is dull. The first pic shows a new unsanded plate, when you are finished the plate should have a smooth mirror like finish showed in the second pic.

3.Next you will want to sand the disks. They are made of a softer material and will sand easier so be gentle and use circular motions. The third picture shows a sanded disk on the left and an unsanded disk on the right. When you start sanding youll noticed that the disk sufaces are not flat and youll see spots where the sand paper has not touch. Keep sanding until the entire disk is dull and smooth.

4.Now put it back together. I like to use an oil on mine even though it collects grime. Just cleaning it evey few races and in between races by blowing it off with a air can will keep dirt down to a minimum. Also re-oil when you clean it. I normally use shock oil 20wt-40wt.


On the track I noticed that the car cornered smoother and handled direction changes better also. I did have to run a stiffer spring due to the fact that it moved easier with the smoother plates. I now run blue springs (hardest) with a 30wt trinity shock oil. I noticed that harder springs gave me more steering. This is my HFAY car, mm with a mclaren body, medium kyosho t-plate, hard front springs and 1 degree camber. I never used to sand or lube my disk dampers but they work alot better for me like this. Ive done this to all my cars since. Thats about all I can say, this helped me out alot and I hope it will help you too.

2007.11.04, 01:49 PM
I can personally vouch for the improved results.. After sanding as previously instructed, the disk dampers are now much smoother with less binding to them.. It's worth the extra time and effort and will pay off in improved handling/performance of you're Mini-Z chassis... Nice job Matt...:D

2007.11.04, 05:06 PM
I wholeheartedly concur. I have always sanded my DD's down regardless of their material. Going for a super fine paper as instructed or higher and a flat surface with water lube.


2007.11.04, 06:36 PM
Ill also agree. Smooth, no binding. :)

2007.11.04, 09:35 PM
will defenitely give it a try!