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2007.11.04, 01:29 PM
Basically, one of my cars has developed a left hand spin. I've tried quite a few things here and there to fix it - yet nothing.

This is a massive problem that I have and I've never consciously fixed it. It's always been an accident.

So I was wondering if some of you guys could through solutions at me please because none of mine have worked. :S

2007.11.04, 01:50 PM
Basically, one of my cars has developed a left hand spin. I've tried quite a few things here and there to fix it - yet nothing.

This is a massive problem that I have and I've never consciously fixed it. It's always been an accident.

So I was wondering if some of you guys could through solutions at me please because none of mine have worked. :S

You use the stock kyosho gear diff don't you? I know theres a technical explanation, but I don't know it :p Anyways, gear diffs, especially when they don't have any grease packed inside, tend to spin out on uneven or slick surfaces. I've had that happen a couple times on my mod car and occasionally with my stock car, but not as often.

My stock car has no grease in it, but i may put in a little bit to reduce the times it does happen. I also think it would help me get more corner exit steering.

2007.11.04, 04:49 PM
Tom, what are the things you have tried so far so people aren't firing things at you you've already done?

I'll make a start by asking if you have any tweak in your H Plate - have you tried shimming it between plate and motor mount or plate and chassis?

Any obstruction between motor wires and body/damper?

I think there may be threads here on this problem?


2007.11.04, 06:07 PM
Sounds like a tweak issue to me as well.

Eyeball the tires from the front of the car, make sure the rear suspension is settled in. Disc dampeners tend to hold the rear in position when the suspension is unloaded, make sure it's in it's "relaxed" state. Hold the car with a bright, un-obstructed surface behind it, look down the bottom of the chassis using the center of the chassis like a gunsight, end to end level to your eyes, then move your eyes over to the tires, if the tires are not on the same plane, you either have a tweaked plate, a loose screw on the plate or motor mount, or something is hanging up. (try to do it with the body on the car too, some types of bodies can cause interference with motor wires and such)

Make sure your front tires are the same ride height as well, coorespondent to each other. Also... a sticky or binding kingpin can cause a spinout issue too.

Eyeballing it is a quick and dirty way of just checking things out, do a close inspection of your plate as well, I had one with one of those hard to see cracks in it, and you couldn't see it until you worked the suspension side to side. (carbon plates can de-laminate, and it's hard to spot.)

If this isn't your cause, it could well be a diff binding up, mis-matched tires or even a wheelnut too tight on the front. If this question is about an AWD, eyeballing it works the same for them as well. (if you're running an SAS rear, make sure your droop screws are set evenly) Also... stock axles can take a dump on you too, and will cause the car to pull to the side that's not broken.

Wonder if anyone makes a tweak station for MiniZs yet? (hint, hint ;) )

2007.11.05, 01:19 AM
hmmm you said developed a left hand spin eh???.... so i assume that it wasn't there before...

before anything else, i'd first check the tires... :D
try a softer compound...

then check tweak, then the diff... hope this helps...

2007.11.05, 12:26 PM
atomic sells the drop setting tool set, could this not be used to guage tweak as all four corners should be even off the ground or at least even from side to side on the front or back.

2007.11.05, 01:23 PM
I want people to fire their suggestions whether they have done them or not because people have different approaches when it comes down to fixing something.

That stock diff one sounds like a good 'en. :| I'll try my ball diff - see if that cleans anything up.

Thanks for the advice all, keep it coming! I'll print this topic off for the next time I can get to a track and see what's what.

I will let you know what works and what it was if I find it. :D

2007.11.05, 04:31 PM
The first thing I would suggest to a new driver would be to check the tightness of the wheel nuts :D Also, check and see if both front knuckles move up and down the king pins evenly smooth. Next I would say the diff, then the H plate are good places to go.

Also does it have bearings? If so check and make sure they are clean. For some reason one side of mine always gets dirty faster. When they are in need of a good cleaning I get a little better turning in one direction. I could see compensating for this, or this problem in an excessive amount could cause spin outs.

2007.11.07, 05:31 PM
Riiiight, here's what happened! When I got it on the track it was spinning under lots of pressure. So the faster I went the more aggressive the spin would be. So I forced it into tight circles in front of me to notice the rear wheel to the opposite direction of steer lifting quite significantly.

The back of my car is soft, so I decided to put hard front springs in too. Which did the trick and stopped the lift but not the aggressive spinning.

So I then did the tweak tests that you guys told me about and without the body it was fine. So I put it down to the body. The body's antenna hole is central and far back, and my antenna was catching the shock and stopping it moving either left or right. However, when it did move in one of those directions it would jam and I would be left with a gaping gap in my wheel arch on one side and a low-rider-style wheel on the other.

So I tried a different Enzo (a Kyosho one, as opposed to my iWaver one) shell and my problem was almost gone.

It was still a bit twitchy, so then I put some harder rear tyres on. I was adamant that the softest rears would be best but the harder rears and harder fronts allowed it that bit of slide that made it 'glide' around the corners. A perfect balance between 100% grip and a loss of traction.

I then adjusted the ARC on my controller to be a little less responsive and now I have a almost perfect car!!

VERY pleased with the results and I look forward to the final two races of HFAY. I hope to redeem my last few efforts!

Thanks for the help guys - hope my results help someone in the future.

2007.11.08, 01:19 AM
good show.... nice to hear that you were able to work it out... & good luck in your upcoming hfay race... :D

2007.11.08, 09:31 AM
motor wires can do it. How do you run them and which wires you're using? I noticed that the hard to bend wires (e.g. kyosho stock wires) can promote the spin that is treated by wire replacement to, say, PN wires, that are much softer. Also, if the wires touch the body from the inside suspension movement can be uneven in both directions. I assume you checked for tire rubbing, suspension binding and all the basic stuff.