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2007.11.04, 07:54 PM
iwaver.com is back online, with brand new updated information.
Please check it out for the latest and newest information.

**Wink**There are news on all the new chassis coming up**Wink**

2007.11.04, 09:26 PM
Hi fangel

The site is not coming up for me.


2007.11.04, 09:32 PM
me either :(

2007.11.04, 09:36 PM
Works for me... Everything looks good. I'm interested to see some reviews of the buggy

2007.11.04, 11:04 PM
Not working for me either

Red Team
2007.11.05, 02:05 AM
Not working for me either

Doesn't work here, too !

2007.11.05, 06:22 AM
Works for me!


Looks like a mix between an MA-010 and an x-mod.


2007.11.05, 12:04 PM
Doesn't work here, too !

same here, no worky! ;-)

2007.11.05, 12:05 PM
yeah, i've tried from several computers at several locations and it still will not connect. :confused:

2007.11.05, 12:55 PM
Does not work for me in Europe either.

2007.11.05, 02:08 PM
Not working in the UK either?


2007.11.05, 04:45 PM
I have no problems opening the website.
I see all four of them. The 04m is an AWD btw ;)


2007.11.05, 05:08 PM
Does Not Work...

2007.11.05, 09:05 PM
It looks like a DNS issue. That name will not resolve for me from the 2 different connections I tried. We may just need to wait for the DNS to refresh if they moved the site. That can take up to 48 hours. Or if someone that can get to the site posted the IP then you can use that instead of the name.

2007.11.06, 01:52 AM
nada for me too...

2007.11.06, 07:13 AM
It worked for me, and the new 04m looks pretty darn cool.

2007.11.06, 08:15 PM
I'm not too sure what precisely is the issue.
But I'm sure it has to do with DNS, here is a few things you could try.
1.flush all your cache and cookies
2.try going to ToyE@st.com and see if you could reach it
3.call your ISP to get them to flush their DNS record.
4.Ping iwaver.com, if the IP address is not then you have an old DNS record.

Direct IP won't work, due to the fact that it is sharing the IP address with other site.
I'll see what I can do maybe I'll capture an image of each pages.

2007.11.06, 09:21 PM
It works for me. I'll get some print screens.

2007.11.06, 11:14 PM
OK it works now. The 04M is very interesting! Those front and rear drivetrains remind of something :D I guess and I hope these will share compatible parts with the "other" AWD ;)

2007.11.06, 11:21 PM
got it this time, looks like some cool stuff coming out. Is it all available now? or when will it be?

Red Team
2007.11.07, 08:08 AM
he he...now it's working without doing anything special ;)

About the Iwaver range of cars, I'm looking forward to see the buggy, so we can fire up some races on our track.

The site is looking fresh and nice, too.

2007.11.07, 08:21 AM
works now!

thanks for the email fangel. when you get a chance, we are still waiting for additioanl product images on everything else. i'm working on getting the 01 and 04 stuff up now.

LOVE the 03 :D

2007.11.07, 09:30 AM

The site is working for me now. I notice the new TX is still the into20 with some upgrades (-100% to 100% exp, blacklight, 10 model memory...ect) i hope the range, conflict with other radios and the core lapcounting system is gone and i hope the steering angle is bigger. I did not notice a steering rate adjustment, it seem you still have to use left and right epa setting individualy to set you steering rate. Also, looks like the chassis for the 02M is the same i hope people are told about the ability to change the front motor stay with the rear motor stay for more back end traction. For the 01 it looks like that is not possible since all the dampning effect seems to be done by the rear part of the chassis. Which brings me to another question will new chassis of different thickness and width of the rear part of the chassis be available to help tune the cars. The other models look very nice. The 04M look very nice. I hope the steering servors that come with these new/adjusted models are much faster then the 02M I got.

The chassis looks great

2007.11.07, 12:49 PM
i like the AWD car but the batteries should been on bottom like the evo.but i will buy one.

2007.11.07, 12:55 PM
i like the AWD car but the batteries should been on bottom like the evo.but i will buy one.

yea, that would have been nice, but the motor is in the way as its not mounted the same way an evo is. Still, this layout gives better balance than the ma-010.

2007.11.07, 02:01 PM
I don't have it working either...

Looks good... in a familiar way lol.

Any shots of the bottom?

Looks a little too small to house the ep and crystal under all that, assuming it is the same demensions as a kyosho board and that it is under the shaft of course... I guess its a choice between being either top heavy or heavy on one side for the awd game lol.

that would be one heavy motor heatsink. :)


2007.11.08, 04:52 AM
Currently only 01 and 05 have been launch.
03 will be coming early August, and 04 is still under development phase.
So I don't have many detail about it either.

The new 02M don't have the all the change suggested yet, but we are looking into after market hop-up to help with the performance.

The INT020 have change it's electronics completely and should not have the problem we have seen in the previous version.

The iwaver 03 and 05 will be a very innovative looks into how larger 260 motor and AWD with independent servo would be like for a 1/24 scale chassis. I have personally tested them (not race them), all seems well.

2007.11.08, 08:19 AM
just thought i'd point out that one of your distributors(Tin Racers of South Africa) is located on the wrong continent

2007.11.11, 08:16 PM
oops, I guess the designer in charge never got a good look at the complete website.
This information has been passed on, and will be updated very soon.

2007.12.08, 01:29 PM
Ahhh, iwaver, my RC addiction started with a 35$ iw01, I still remember how fantastic it was to have a fully proportional RC car so cheap. Don't know why but I've always liked iwavers more than kyosho, guess the price makes it more forgiving to mod (especially if your skill is as bad as mine). That iw01 later became a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuazzM_ad6A
Not elegant but it was my second Rc build ever.

Your website works perfectly for me, and it's good to see this much new additions. The car that especially catches my interest is the 04m. At first I was endlessly excited about it, but then I realized it's propably going to have even higher CG than the "other AWD", so I'm wondering, how far have you gone in the developments, and can I come with a design suggestion?


This is supposed to fit a iw/mr02 body with 94mm wheelbase. I've long been thinking about building such a design but I'm lacking time. As the picture shows it's got as low CG as the IW02 if not lower. Yes it's true that it is tail-heavy but with wider rear tires that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm fully aware that you won´t change the iw04m because of this post, but still I thought it was good enough I had to voice it.

2007.12.09, 09:22 PM
I like what you have done with our iwaver 01, but the new iwaver 04M would have center servo with motor, providing a more "center" CG then Kyosho AWD.
I'm not too sure about the high or low of the CG. I'm aware that you are properly talking about the battery being higher up, bun in fact the Kyosho AWD has their battery stack up as well, just all to one side.
I saw your design drawing, one thing I have to point out is that the single out battery is in a very weak spot, the battery connection would provide a possible instability to the chassis power connection. Also it might cause unnecessary rear swing to the chassis.

2007.12.09, 10:29 PM
I really like the layout of the 04M. I see the more centralized weight distribution being a huge asset on the track; make the car more predictable in both turing directions. I take it from the prototype desings that the main ESC/RX board is mounted flat underneath the servo/motor. It's very similar to the first gen XMods.

The first gen XMods actually have a very well thought out chassis. The suspension and steering sucked though, hindering their on-track performance. This IWaver 04M looks like it will have near to the same suspension layout as the Kyosho AWD and even better steering capabilites thanks to the larger servo.

I like it. I want one. :cool:

2007.12.10, 09:01 PM
I understand Iwaver wants to keep everything symmetrical, so please take a look and ask the design team if they can do anything about that center of gravity.






2007.12.10, 10:31 PM
Hum...very interesting design, I guess you basically have what I guess the chassis would be like and spread out the battery making it have a lower CG then other racer on the market. However I'm not too sure about width on the chassis within the body.

2007.12.11, 12:25 AM
53mm total so far. The MR02 chassis is 55mm, so you've got at least 1mm of space for battery clips. ;)

2007.12.11, 11:26 AM
Very nice that IW builds alternatives to Kyosho, that are in some parts compatible!

Do IW cars have CE label?

2007.12.11, 08:18 PM
hum...Since I'm not the actual product designer, I could not actually answer you directly as to if this would work at all.
But I could not confirm what if any of the kyosho parts would be inter exchangeable.
Since most of the detail is still in the development phase.
All iwaver car has CE cert.