View Full Version : Hey billiam_returns

2002.05.08, 10:55 PM
dude, you wouldnt happen to know who nevwerg is do you?

to everyone else, think about it.

2002.05.08, 11:07 PM
Very interesting theory! Strangely enough our friend nevwerg
appears to have created two new accounts: NEVWERG HATES U and NEVWERG OWNS. These were created 4/27 after his banning. billiam_returns was created 4/19, at which point nevwerg would have had no need for a second account. Plus the IPs are vastly different. Who knows?!

2002.05.08, 11:33 PM
possibly he knew he was getting booted, and created the acct from some other place, say he was at college and went home for the weekend and made the second, two totally different ips