View Full Version : X-mod radio swap

2007.11.08, 10:49 AM
Does anybody know of a different radio system that can be used with a Radio Shack X-Mod? What is the difference in the X-mod receiver compared to a Mini-Z?

2007.11.08, 07:22 PM
I can't say what the difference is between the Xmods and the Mini-Z reciever's but I know for sure that the Xmods will only work with that controller that it comes with.

2007.11.08, 11:36 PM
I secound that mods will only work with the radio they came with cause I have tried some different 27mhz radios with mine. I have seen some tuts on how to convert mods to other boards, I think one may have been here and one may have been on atomic mods website.

2007.11.09, 08:18 AM
Okay, thanks for the info. I really like the car (heavy with independent suspension all four wheels) but the radio is so toyish I'd really like to change it. Does anybody know what kind of signal the transmitter generates? Is it analog wave or a PCM or some other signal?

2007.11.09, 10:38 AM
There is a certain part of the RX signal that makes the Rx/Tx system unique...the only way to change radios is to change EP's. ;)

If you're keen on four wheel independant suspension, check out the MA010 with the SAS rear system:

better steering
better throttle control
stronger plastic platform