View Full Version : TIM or ?

2007.11.11, 06:17 PM
What is the part # or package where you can get the servo gear rods/pins that go through middle of servo gears for the AWD chassis. Thanks.

2007.11.11, 11:53 PM
MZ8-3 Servo gear shaft set? I think these are made for all Mini Z's, the MA 010 uses these as well if I am not mistaken. I do know it has four shafts with two shorter ones and a few small brass rings. Enough to do two cars with, a very good addition to any parts box.

2007.11.12, 09:55 AM
if you loose the brass shim, you can pick up a nut/washer set from a hobby train store. hob-bits makes them, i don't recall which size anymore though

2007.11.12, 03:30 PM
I thought the servo gear shaft set wasnt the same BUT i dont know. In the AWD there are no brass shims, i think.