View Full Version : Vista problems with Core

2007.11.12, 06:16 AM
Has Core been tested with Vista and have there been any issues? My data folder doesn't update during and after race setup. My folders are not hidden, I re-installed Core several times with no luck. Any help would be appreciated

2007.11.12, 08:40 AM
i beleive core posted long ago that it was not designed to support vista, only xp. it may have been in reference to win95 though? it was a long time ago so the details are a bit fuzzy but i do recall he stated xp was the only windows op supported. hopefully core can jump in and offer the vista guys some help.
or offer some news on the new product coming and or software upgrades?

2007.11.12, 11:37 AM
yeah, I'm thinking it only totally works with XP. The only problem isall the new PCs have Vista on them. It works but doesn't write to the data folder but does keep the data in the manage window. weird because the file systems are the same in XP and vista

2007.11.12, 12:15 PM
there are atleast 2 other posts on vista issues so lets hope core can come in and work some magic.