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2007.11.13, 10:50 AM
Anyone seen one of these run? Price seems good...but did a little research and found out that they skimp on a few features...plastic/oil-filled shocks, no foam in tires, etc.

Anyone know anything about it? I've considered a nitro...the mini is an appeasing feature to me, and the price is right. I dont have the cash to throw down on a mini inferno....so don't suggest that!!! :D

2007.11.13, 02:30 PM
I dont have the cash to throw down on a mini inferno....so don't suggest that!!! :D

OK, I won't suggest it, but allow me to share with you that my Mini Inferno 09 is by far my favorite pony in my extensive RC stable. :p

Seriously though, we sell them for $380 shipped, which gets you double the engine (well, displacement-wise - who makes the .05 in that thing? - I'm sure the Sirio in the 09 is ten times as nice!) and for the $100 you'll "save" I'm sure you'll end up wasting at least that getting this thing working - don't forget the Mini Inferno has a long history, building not just on the extensive upgrade and replacement parts that are mostly compatible w/ the EP version, but also building upon the long development history of the Inferno.


If you do end up going w/ the SW05, please copy and paste this for me later on to save me the trouble:

I told you so!!!

:eek: :D :p

2007.11.13, 05:09 PM
ok ok....you win. I've comtemplated....and the inferno is the best decision. It's funny because I've always gone by the addage of "save up for the best". In this case, this more than likely applies....you can't skimp.

The aftermarket support is there...and of course it's made by the finest in RC...Kyosho.

BTW...I need to make it to AA to come race with you guys.
I told you so!!!

:o :p


2007.11.14, 04:31 PM
Why get a mini? I got my brand new truggy for $325 shipped! And it's all Kyosho, too. ;)


2007.12.20, 04:18 PM
on stormer h-o-b-b-y they are only 100 now rtr:)

2007.12.20, 06:17 PM
mtm, you're thinking of the EP, which we've been selling for $99 for quite some time:


Please remember in future to refrain from advertising competitors on this site. :)

2007.12.21, 02:02 PM
no on stormer they have the caos for 100. it was in my mag. sorry about the advertising:(