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big green
2007.11.14, 11:42 AM




I want this this thing, but where can you get spares and hop ups from?? :confused:

2007.11.14, 08:10 PM
Big Green,
We will be releasing the spares and hop-up very soon, we will be having motors and springs with full metallic parts upgrade. All is in the pipeline please keep an eye out.

2007.12.10, 07:13 PM
anybody got their hands on this? Ikinari-rc has a short review but not enough to have a good idea about it.

2007.12.11, 08:33 PM
I personally would like to see some review on this as well.
We have sold many out already, and I have seen or heard nothing about this.

2007.12.11, 09:00 PM
Am thinking of buying one soon. Does it come with bearings? Or if not, which bearing set should i buy from toyeast?

2007.12.12, 10:00 PM
We currently don't have the bearing set out yet. but We are in the ordering process already and it should be release very soon.
This bearing set will also be shared with the upcoming iwaver 03

2007.12.16, 08:53 AM

I got one, but I can't really review it, because I don't have any other mini monsters like mini-z to compare to, so I just write my thoughts.

It looks nice, the body have preinstalled slots for the front and roof lights, I like the painting too.
It has an independent suspension (the mini-z monster have a solid axle suspension), four absorbers, two differentials with two ball bearings for each, a quite massive main shaft with two ball bearings too.
The steering servo is the same size micro servo as in the 02M, but it has five wires.

It drives quite well, the wheels are big and the acceleration is not comperable to the 02M or a mini-z awd of course. I had a few jumps quite fast from about 20cm height, so long nothing broken :)

I had only one problem with it, the front absorbers can be pushed only half way up, because the tie rod can let it go only that far, and the tie rods may absorb the power of a biger jump if the absorbers pushed more than half way.
The tie rod screwed at the upper end of the steering arm at the knuckle, and if I screw it to the lower end the absorbers can work full way, but the tie rod too short for that setup, and the front wheels will have a toe out standing, so it's not perfect that way, something should be done with that.

Overall it's fun :)

Here is a picture with a 02M, just to compare the size of the two cars.

2007.12.17, 01:07 AM
Thanks for your short review, I think it gives some basic understanding for all the member that have yet have the iwaver 05 in their garage.
The acceleration could be improved once we have the upgrade motor available.
I know what you mean by the suspension, but I have not experience this, I was just testing it on my own 05 and it had no problem reaching the top of the suspension.
Toe in Toe out could be fixed with the upgrade metallic parts we have coming.

I'm glad you like our product, please keep the information coming.

2007.12.26, 03:09 PM
I would love to see a video of this car driving. Is it capable of crawling? Is it fast or is it slower with lots of torque (I prefer the last one).
Thanks :D

2007.12.26, 08:01 PM
It really depends on how your diff is setup, you could setup the Diff to have more torque then speed. Also using Rechargeable battery pack will give much more punch to the chassis.

2007.12.29, 05:22 PM

I've just bought an iwaver 05, and I've seen that the RTR kit does not include the AA battery holder.

I've probe the car with AAA ni-mh 950mA, and my impression is that the car is a little slow.

Does anybody know if they are going to sell separately the AA battery holder?

Should the car run faster with AA 2700mA batteries?


2007.12.30, 07:36 PM
the chassis would response faster with AA and even faster with battery pack.
we would be releasing the AA battery box with upgrades parts and original parts.
Battery pack holder and battery pack would also be coming.

2008.01.02, 09:24 AM
So you are going to sell the AA battery holder separately in the future, arenīt you?.. I want to use my iwaver 05 with AA batteries.

the chassis would response faster with AA and even faster with battery pack.
we would be releasing the AA battery box with upgrades parts and original parts.
Battery pack holder and battery pack would also be coming.

2008.01.02, 10:26 PM
Yes, but we currently don't have it yet in stock.

2008.01.03, 08:52 PM
What's the advantage to useing the AA's over AAA's? More power for the truck?

2008.01.04, 01:25 AM
AA has a higher voltage then AAA, also the capacity is much higher. 1100mAH compare with 2700mAH. We will also be releasing the battery pack for it. The pack will be in NiMh and will host a much higher Voltage output for the chassis.

2008.01.04, 08:39 AM
I think the difference is that AAA has a lower current output than AA. But AAA is lighter than AA, so I suppose we should all see when the AA holder comes out and we can have a proper review/comparison.

2008.01.05, 12:27 AM
The BigFoot is currently out of stock in ToyEast, when will the new stock come in?

2008.01.06, 08:17 PM
Yes, it is true that the 05 is current out of stock in our store due to burning demand.
We will be restocking it in early March due to production delay from the Chinese New Year holiday in Mainland China.

The new set will come with AA and AAA battery box in the set, and we will also be launching our battery pack upgrade options. I had just tried it yesterday, I can tell you that the car both Torque and Speed has an noticeable increase.

2008.01.14, 09:23 PM
AA has higher capacity than AAA but this is slightly offset by AA's weight.
AA and AAA has the same discharge rate. Discharge rate varies with different brands.

AA advantage would be run-time.

How many cells can the stock Iwaver 05 esc-rx handle?

2008.01.14, 11:27 PM
This is the same from what I understand, there is actually different discharge rate for different battery, but this is decided by the type and not AA or AAA.
Also the capacity is much higher with AA then AAA.

I'm not too sure about the cells, but the battery pack that we are going to release soon will consist of 6 pcs of Intellect 2/3A-1400 High-Drain type. The speed and the Torque changes dramatically

2008.01.15, 02:28 AM
will it work with 2 cell lipo?

2008.01.15, 08:21 PM
I actually don't have the official spec, but I guess it really depends on your output voltage, if it is the same as a AA/AAA battery(I forgot the actual voltage) then it should not harm the PCB.
When I find a volt meter in the office, I'll actually take the output voltage from the battery pack itself, but I believe that the discharge rate really does help the torque and speed of the chassis.

2008.01.22, 01:06 PM
Fangel, I have a BigFoot,How I can to change the springs? What part I need to disassemble of the shock for change it?

2008.01.24, 08:28 PM
Unfortunately our factory mistakenly glue the spring set together for this batch.
We have talked to the factory and asked them to never make the same mistake as this one.
We will be releasing the metallic upgrade for it very soon. That version can change spring set.

2008.01.26, 05:24 PM

- does the new production (March) of the 05 come with new PCB (27 FM)?
- would il be purchased separately or only with the transmitter?


2008.01.27, 08:12 PM
iwaver 05 will remain as AM 27, please take note of the "M" in 02M, only chassis with the "M" will be in FM and with the new INT020 transmitter.

We currently don't have direct plan to release a chassis only versions. We will keep selling it in RTR form.

2008.05.06, 03:58 PM

Does anybody knows what happens with the iwaver05?

Iwaver promised to offer an AA battery holder and an NiMH battery holder, but I can't find them in any place. The same for an upgraded motor and the same for the spare parts.

And the rtr kit seems to be out of stock everywhere.

I want to upgrade my iwaver05 but I've only found some chassis-aluminum parts manufactured by 3racing.

Does anybody knows if Iwaver is going to restock this car and its parts?


2008.05.06, 10:33 PM

iwaver 05 will be coming back in stock this month.
The original parts would also be available then, the long hold up is due to the production cycle of the factory. Upgrade battery and Charger will also be available then.

The chassis aluminum parts are all available right now, the upgrade motor would be coming next.

2010.07.13, 05:39 PM
I don't think fangel is still active or connected with Iwaver.

If in any consolation, maybe you should try contacting Longsun Toy company in Shenzhen, China (do a search in Alibaba) to get some assistance.

Otherwise, you are on your own on your project :D

I also have two of those... but I swapped the electronics with a 2.4Ghz controller and a Moped V16 ESC and a micro servo of iwaver to make it work on my rc rental... now they are semi-retired... the 1/28th cars have better future on my rental than those truck.