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2007.11.15, 02:54 AM
Hi PN-Racing,
At our club a common problem is that wheel break on the inside, where the inside bearing is mounted. Even the PN wheels that are 1mm thicker in diameter will break. Don't get me wrong, the wheels are cool, but I still prefer real wheels that Kyosho produces, just because they look real. :cool:

Here is an image of the wheels, so you can see exactly what I mean. The left shows a broken wheel, the middle is a PN wheel with the bigger diameter still unused and on the right is a modified wheel:
http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/9660/dscn5593nr6.th.jpg (http://img440.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn5593nr6.jpg)

We found a solution to this problem as you can see on the most right wheel. A tube that matches the diameter of the outside of the wheelbearing holder (sorry for the difficult expression ;) ) is cut into pieces and if it over it. As it matches quite correct it isn't even glued. This seem to solve the problem as we never break wheels again.

It's not that I'm lazy, but it would be awesome (for everyone) if you could buy these rings in bags for the 2 sizes, so as well for the PN wheels as for the original Kyosho wheels. (the tubes we use are not buyed as a tubed, but are a part of bags for dogs, don't know the exact story as it is a friend who can supply them in very small quantities)

Maybe metal coloured rings would be even cooler, but a good plastic ring could do the job as well (like ours is).

Hope you can make something with this!

PS: This is not my invention, but from a friend of me!

2007.11.15, 05:51 AM
I just wanted to agree with Haco, I have a similar thing with metal collars. However, these were primarily for the prone to breakage F1 rims, they fit standard wheels too of course.



2007.11.15, 08:41 AM
these are almost a must for cars like the enzo and 575 gtc and maybe even the 360 gtc. i've broken numerous sets of stock wheels at the rear hub for these cars and would gladly pay a couple bucks for the lack of hassle in breaking the stock wheels that comes with these bodies. pn orange would be best :D

2007.11.16, 03:21 AM
i've seen the same thing being done a couple of years back on a f-1 rim (which is more prone to breakage due to open wheel racing)... some guy made an aluminum ring and put it in the rim... it was bulletproof... another guy just filled in the spaces with hot glue..

i guess doing it in some of the mr02/015 rims will prevent breakage as well...

if some manufacturer could make the rings, it would definitely be a good idea... :D

2009.08.12, 12:15 PM
ive got 8 sets of wheels and all mine are cracked .thay crack as soon as you put the bb's in .pn please make these rings