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2007.11.15, 09:58 AM
Asking to all clubs who may be interested to start on january the Honarable Championship, putting rules like HowFastRU, but on a track with a minimun 4 Ls, and may be other expansion kits, defining a track Layout on 9x5mts... interchanging results... :)

2007.11.15, 10:21 AM
We are just about to start our Third Season of AZGT. This is our first season with the AWD and F1 Classes being involved. Look at the Mini-AZ subforum for complete rules on all three classes, each being a little different with different Heats, Mains and Points Schedule.

We have thought about running this series with one event every 2 months to give clubs the time to get them run and post times. We currently run with an open motor rule, just regulating everyone to run the 3010 fets. We usually fill our space and make some really big tracks but if we have other clubs that want to join, I am sure we can conform to 4Ls and a defined space.

Dusty would be the decision maker, but we offered this up elsewhere on the forum and didn't get much response. I believe the HFAY board is planning on doing something similiar in July and December of 08 inbetween the two seasons of HFAY. I believe the first mention of this type of event came from DOW and I hope they would be onboard also..

If any other clubs want to do it starting in 08, please let us know so everyone can talk about it.. Brian has already offered to post the times if we get it done. We could also post times to Mini-AZ(currently offline for domain reg change) or HoodsHobbies if we want to be more informal for a test run..

I know that I look forward to running my AWD and 2WD cars on the same track to compare times. My AWD is getting better and better, maybe I should try it sometime in HFAY?

2007.11.15, 04:10 PM
What do you think about starting something simple, just for start, we have only 30x16.5 ft area, we actually have 4 Ls, 1 45kit, 1 large curve, for the track layout, we are running MR02 mostly, some AWD, actually we are all running the same category... also the majority has fetted the PCB, there are not stock cars... we run 4 Heats for 6 min, and 1 Main for 12min. The points are 1 point for each lap, and 1 bonus point for the TQ. So we are open tu run whatever race format, just keep in mind that we dont have stock cars, or F1, or lexan bodys, or foam tires.

2007.11.16, 11:47 AM
We have aboutthe same amount of track space as well, with nearly the same amount of track. I think deciding a few large layouts that can suit as many clubs as possible is the biggest part of setting this up. Right now we have around 4 WideLs, a 45 kit, a large turn radius kit, and around 35 expansion tiles. I should probably try to get a picture of the layout we currently have to help guage where we stand.

I will try to get the Big Layout Event documentation together sometime this weekend, I already have it in the HFAY format... just have to remember where the hell I stored it! :o

Very interested... just have to get something together.

Stafford still into it?

2007.11.16, 11:48 AM
Oops... double post...

2007.11.19, 12:37 AM
Still diging around for the information I had written up earlier this year. I might have to make a new version up.

It was basically the same Spec rules as HFAY Season 4, but included a Mod Class and an F1 Class. I'm still a big advocate of Mod being an "anything goes" class, sans traction compounds for RCP. Basically, anything as long as it's 1/28th scale.

Stock would be opened up to allow any motor whatsoever... if you fry your car, that's on you. Stock would of course be limited to single layer 3010s and 3004s, no AD Bands. Same rules go for the Xmod, Iwaver crowd as well.

F1 would be the same deal, 3010 or 3004 fets, no AD Band, any motor, but you must run F1 wheels and tires.

We'll probably stick with the 8 minute format too... seems to be just the right amount of time to sort skill levels out. But we'll probably just run one direction on the track.

I'll get some stuff into a PowerPoint sometime this week and start a new thread for it then.

Actually, just dug up my old version on here:


Lot's of threads on this subject...







Soooo... I think there's plenty of interest, we just have to all tie up all the loose ends and get something going. (the fun part :rolleyes: )

2007.11.19, 05:39 AM
Stafford still into it?

@ Byron F1 - Stafford Racers UK would be interested in this as we have previously taken part in a similar thing with imxlr8ed's club.

@ Ed - We're in for sure mate :D

Keep me in the loop.

Thanks guys, Jonny

2007.11.19, 06:10 AM
I need a 45 kit and 2 more L's. I'd be interested though.


2007.11.19, 08:17 AM
we haev space restrictions but if events can be organized, dc would be interested in trying to get in on it.

i've brought this idea up lots of times, as have others and imx has been pushing for it for years now, i'm glad to see more people coming into the fold for larger hfay like events. it's a shame we have not been able to get hfay to organize them :rolleyes:

2007.11.19, 10:17 AM
I don't think it's HFAY's fault... it's just one of those subjects that seems to always get a head of steam, and then fizzle out because of the logistics involved. Track space and tile quantities always seemed to kill it too. Fairly easy to get 2 Wide"L"s... not so easy to have 5 Wide"L"s, 2 Expansion packs, a 45 Degree kit, and a Large Radius kit.

I think we need to keep it real simple if we are going to avoid any issues, that's why the tech stuff is very limited in that first draft.

What we really need to do is find out who is participating, and the maximum of space each club has.

Majority of clubs have all kinds of tiles, but not everyone has the same. I would say, at minimum... all clubs participating should have no less than 4 Wide"L"s. It would be great if we all come to a general consensus where each club has at least 4 Wide"L"s, 1 large radius turn kit, and 1 45 degree kit. I'm betting we'll find that some clubs even have a good quantity of expansion tiles as well.

I guess the best thing we can do is start a thread where each club can list it's maximum track space (like 16' x 30') and then list their total inventory of track available (to the exact tile type and amount of each type), throw that quantity onto a spreadsheet or something and get cranking with those shared quantities on a track builder system utilizing the club with the least available floor space to design it in. (ahhhh... logistics :rolleyes: )

2007.11.19, 10:32 AM
i'm not blaming hfay :p , but just as you mentioned, we've discussed this many times within hfay alone and to date it has not yeilded anything substantial. this is the farthest i think any discussion has gone so far and i'm encouraged :) we've been pushing for alternate events within hfay for years now. now that we have the breaks inbetween seasons, i'm hoping we can get some real interesting events on the schedule.

2007.11.19, 10:58 AM
So, we have at least 4 clubs interested, we should start with defining the layout in the area 30x16.5 feet, put number of parts used, and thus vote for the layout with more participation. What do you think...?

I think most have 4 Ls...
few 45?
some large curve radious?

2007.11.19, 11:00 AM
like imx sugegsts, i would stick with just a 4 wide l layout just to get the first event under your belts and if it proves sucessful, move on from there but better to start simple.

email david, they now have a space large enough maybe for this type of layout and they are looking for inter-club racing at a larger scale layout as well.

2007.11.19, 11:18 AM
We need to start a sign up list also. Find out how many want to compete. We also need every club to list the room available. We want to keep it simple too! No frills. A race without the competition.


2007.11.19, 11:26 AM
I don't want to piece meal it though, let me get the Tech regs finalized first, but for now, since this is already kind of an RCP thread... lets get some of the info we need.

Needed info from clubs wanting to participate:

Exact tile inventory

Exact available floor space

I have to go to Schlegel tonight to tear the track down, I'm going to take an exact inventory of what we have there currently. I'm planning to make some kind of image to overlay all of the clubs available track spaces, that way we can see exactly where we need to be as far as overall size. Once we get all this info together, I'd like to see clubs get some track designs going... and kinda make a quickie vote on which layout to go with.

Dusty Weasle
2007.11.19, 06:09 PM
The attached image is our available space at the Porsche Garage. The tricky bit is its not a pure rectangle due to floor mounted equipment.

The red areas represent usable areas but pinch uncomfortably close to the wall blocking either standing space or access. The little square shapes around the grid are potential driver stand locations. The grid that passes over the car-lift on the right is usable as those lift arms move pretty far.

Hood would have to tell you how much track we have, but we pretty much have all of it. Personally I have 2L's. You can see designs we've used in the AZGT thread in the Phoenix sub-forum in GTG's.

We may have access to a massive 90'x50'-ish space soon at a new indoor track being built, but it remains to be seen how that works out.

2007.11.19, 09:36 PM
Ok... done with ours.

Available floor space for DOW at Schlegel:

10 tiles wide x 20 tiles long (16' x 33' approx.)

Current track inventory:

102--- Straights

4--- Bump Straights

8--- Finish Straights

22--- Outside Turns

16--- Inside Turns

4--- Large Radius Turns (full inside, including the expansion tile)

32--- Expansion Tiles

8--- 45 Degree Triangle Designation Tiles

4--- 45 Degree Square Designation Tiles

Numbers are a bit odd because we've got some mixed up with Enzok's horde of RCP. Which means we have access to tons more RCP, but realistically... we can only fit so much at Schlegel, and the amount above fills it just fine.

I counted each expansion tile individually except for the four that are used in the Large Radius kit... but the ones that come with the 45 Degree were added to our Expansion Tile number because I don't know how many you get with that kit. (it all just got thrown in there a while ago... didn't keep track)

If anyone knows exactly how many Expansion tiles you get with one Large Radius kit, and one 45 Degree kit, please let me know. I'm going to go to RCP's site and see if they have any quantities listed.

So, if you all agree with my format above, I'd suggest we all do the same to avoid any tile count confusion, list them just that way, or if there is a better way to do it... let me know right away and I'll reconfigure accordingly.

Maybe one of our in-house geniuses can hook all the final counts to some magical Excel spreadsheets to come up with an absolute inter-club, common denominator tile quantity. (I know it won't be me... unless you want it done wrong, that I can do! :o )

I nominate our pal Dusty to kick out some cool layouts when it's all said and done! :D

2007.11.20, 02:21 AM
If anyone knows exactly how many Expansion tiles you get with one Large Radius kit, and one 45 Degree kit, please let me know. I'm going to go to RCP's site and see if they have any quantities listed.

Here you go imx, Kyosho's page shows quantities clearly:


Stafford Racers quantities may be more to difficult to obtain as we won't be getting together until the end of December. Brian may be able to have a countup otherwise I'll calculate from official kit figures. I've listed below what we have and stated where the kit was from, as they may differ in name I believe between RCP and Kyosho:

5 x Wide L's - RCP

50 Expansion tiles

2 x Oval Expansion Kits - Kyosho

1 x 45 Degree Kit - Kyosho


2007.11.22, 09:37 AM
We have a disponible area of 16.5f x 30f (9x5mts) with the following pieces:

4 x Complete kit Wide Ls -RCP
6 x RCP 50cm Large Radius Inside Turn
16 x Side Straight Rails

2007.12.03, 11:16 AM
Well.... when we do start? we give sometime for others to join, but I think we sholud start... 2nd week of january?, lets begin with the design of the track so everybody can put on the respective clubs...

2007.12.03, 11:46 AM
Got real quiet around here as of late. I'm thinking the first run should be just 4 Wide"L"s... seems to be what most of us have available. Whether or not it gets picked up on the HFAY site seems to be another deal. Tech & Rules are coming soon, I'm still trying to get the OLPS manual cleaned up for Season 5.

How about the other clubs out there?... any idea what track and space you have available?

2007.12.04, 09:54 PM
I completely missed this thread. Our room is limited in one direction to 9 tiles. The other direction though is quite long. We currently have this months HFAY layout down, last months and a 9x9 square of RCP for testing cars. So we could go 30 tiles by 9 tiles if we wanted.

Our inventory is
5 Wide L's
1 45 degree kit
1 inside corner kit
60 blank tiles

2007.12.05, 08:02 AM
I completely missed this thread. Our room is limited in one direction to 9 tiles. The other direction though is quite long. We currently have this months HFAY layout down, last months and a 9x9 square of RCP for testing cars. So we could go 30 tiles by 9 tiles if we wanted.

Our inventory is
5 Wide L's
1 45 degree kit
1 inside corner kit
60 blank tiles

Very cool, you have more room than us here at DOW! And nearly the same inventory.