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2007.11.16, 02:44 PM
Long Story short...

Does anyone know if it's bad to run two Atomic aaa inline charger trays in series off a Peak charger like the Duratrax Pirahna? It can run up to eight cell charging so I don't see why I can't do it...

anyone with advice for me? :D

2007.11.28, 05:31 PM
I have been charging 8 cells at a time lately using the ICE charger. Make sure you individually discharge all the cells using a discharge tray first so they all start off at the same state. I use battery that are the same brand, capacity and age so one set does not get overcharge while the other is undercharge. Works great so far. There is no reason why you can't charge 8 cells at once when you are already doing 4 cells at a time. Saves you from having to buy another charger.
The ICE charger can charge 8 cells at once, but a Triton can charge up to 24 cells at once!
The down side is when both are done, you run only one set, so the other one cools down. When you run the other one, is already cool, and don't put out as much power as a hot battery. No big deal unless you are at the world cup.