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2007.11.18, 01:10 PM
I race every weekend at a local track. i run in stock 02. I have a speedy 07, on a 9 tooth with 3004 fets. Everybody else is running this exact setup. except they use 3010 fets. Do they make that big of a difference? They blow by me on the straight. Their cars also sound a lot smoother then mine???? what gives?

I use motor oil after every run, and am using the same diff, and batts????

Please help..


2007.11.18, 01:50 PM
3010's make a huge difference. It takes a good amount of current to get a 9 tooth up to speed. 3004's are going to take a lot longer to get the car up to speed.

2007.11.18, 02:12 PM
Wow. I guess I will have to get one of them.... Thanks spoon!

2007.11.18, 07:40 PM
either upgrade your cars fets to 3010 or jus gear down to get your car up to speed faster maybe a 7 or 8 tooth pinion may make a difference

2007.11.18, 09:14 PM
the cars with the new fets come with a blue sticker on the ready kit box that says "capacity increase in spec - approx 30% more capacity than the conventional unit"

i bought one to check it out... and i believe that their claim is true and i totally agree with spoon that they do make a huge difference...

i definitely noticed the extra punch and acceleration compared to the first generation mr02/015 with the original 3004 fets in them... it's most definitely an upgrade that you would want to have... (kinda like having a few extra horses under the hood if you know what i mean... :D)

don't know if it's just me, but i also noticed that braking/stopping power was a bit stronger too...

its the only chassis i want to drive now, even though it has a stock motor...

you can try out jbevins suggestion too... like gear down to a 7 or 8, which will give you extra acceleration... but you will kinda suffer on the straights, where top speed will get you... however, i guess it will depend on what kind of track you'll be running on...

hope this helps... :D

2007.11.20, 01:50 PM
Thanks. BTW it is RCP:)


2007.11.20, 08:42 PM
Fet does play a huge role in the game. But if you are using a non-stock remote, add in adequate throttle curve will help to make the car accelerate faster. Gearing down might be a good solution, but then the top speed might suffer depending how long is the straight.

Also, when the pinion/spur are used for a very long time, it might become worn or really sharp at the tooth, it will probably cause some inefficiency in the system too.

Few other possibilities are:
-diff tightness. If the diff is set too loose, it will make weird noise and the car will not accelerate as fast
-tires. If too worn or not suitable, it will slow the car down.
-spring rate/damper system setup
-bearing smoothness

2007.11.21, 06:49 AM
The straight away is huge!!!!!!

I am using a kyosho oil dampener.
I am going to get the 2pl. Also I have the kyosho ball diff. How do I tighten or loosen it?