View Full Version : slot car motors

2002.05.09, 07:06 PM
i used to race slotcars. I was looking through a box of my old slotcar stuff and found some motors. They are the same size as the stock motor. The motor I really want to try out is the one I used to race, it puts out 39,000 rpm. Im going to wait till my turbo arrives before I try it.

2002.05.09, 08:14 PM
De Finite ly!!!!

2002.05.10, 12:47 AM
i think slot cars need a higher voltage input like 12v??? roughly translated you'll have to put about 10 1.2v aaa rechargables in there somewhere...:D

2002.05.11, 03:12 AM
If I'm not mistaken, Slot motors are 12VAC not DC.

2002.05.11, 01:55 PM
Slot car motors run from 12V to 15V DC.