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2007.11.22, 12:54 PM
I think that a cheap AM 02M sounds really good. but, what has changed to make it cheaper? What features has it gained/lost? What's the price? Is it compatible with 02M upgrades (metallic parts, diffs, etc)? Thank you for your time.

2007.11.22, 07:13 PM
I also would like to ask if there are plans to release an 02M AWD version. Thanks.

OT: I'm have ordered an Iwaver 05 and still waiting for it to arrive. Hope it turns out good.

2007.11.22, 08:54 PM
iwaver 01 is a downgrade version of iwaver 02M. Below is a list of changes.
- FM band to AM band
- 3 pin Servo to 5 pin servo
- remove of rear spring suspension
- remove of rear motor pivot mount
- Backlit LCD TX (new version) to Analogue TX

We are currently sold out of it right now, but the pricing is $59.9
It does share many of the hop-up parts with 02M, except for the following.
- Carbon fiber PCB cover
- Aluminum Rear suspension spring
- Aluminum Motor stay
- Aluminum Motor mount

We currently don't have plan for an AWD version of 02M, but we are developing a 04M which would be an FM band AWD racer, we have some prototype design in our www.iwaver.com. Please check it out.
I looking forward to hear some response on the iwaver 05 that you will be receiving soon.

2007.12.10, 08:33 PM
That AWD look's interesting. Looks like it shares some parts with Kyosho's own AWD. What bodies are planned for this chassis? Any ideas?

2007.12.10, 10:28 PM
I don't have some clear information yet. It might or might not share any parts.
The chassis will fit into all of our racer bodies (Ford GT, S7, etc...)

We do have new bodies coming in 2008.
BMW M3 and BMW Z4

2007.12.11, 08:36 AM
fangel, my question is, on toyeast's website...in the firelap bodies...how come there are 2 versions of some bodies...like the mini cooper or the mustang, where one is for the firelap/mr02 and the other is for the iwaver.

2007.12.11, 07:50 PM
The reasons is that there is a small difference between the two bodies.
Mainly is the clip location and ride height.
Due to the reason of the individual servo, some of the "Flatter" bodies has to be raised.
They both fit on each other, just that one will fit better then the other.