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2007.11.22, 03:25 PM
A while back most of us enjoyed super cheap prices on the Fujicell 1000 mah. That particular place ran out of stock and their new stuff is pricey. So I am asking all you research freaks where to buy the cheapest 1000 mah or more AAA cells now.

I am using these cells for my non-profit MC3 club for which we now run Nascar and oval exclusively. Batteries don't have to be high end (Sanyo etc...) but should be better than complete no name crap.


2007.11.22, 03:30 PM
I just picked up Sony 900mah batts at cirquit city for 10.00 a set. They run long, and charge nicely. They are pretty punchy also. The best are Duracell 1000's. They can be bought at walmart for 10.00.. Very punchy, long run times, but they are heavy. Sony, and Duracell are the only batteries I run:)


2007.11.22, 05:21 PM
Try getting batteries from a local electrical/electronic distributor. They likely sell Duracell or Panasonic in bulk for better than retail pricing. I'm sure TO has a few shops.

2007.11.22, 05:46 PM
Thanks guys. the prices last time was around 51 cents a cell. I know ridiculous, but they work really well. Especially after zapping and matching ; )

2007.11.22, 09:30 PM
Has anyone tried SANYO 1000s yet?
I have been doing some research on digaital camera forums and found a performance review of 1000 MAh cells. 1000 SANYO had the highest capacity and the wattage was the best also. 2nd best from what is could tell was Powerex. I found out Sony and Energizers are rebagaged SANYOs. They also say the enloops are high voltage but have a high resistance. The word is Low discharge cells give up capacity for the low discharge property. great for remotes and GPS but the best for high drain applications where you plan on draining the cell in 1 day.

According to hpgod, Sony's are just rebadged Sanyos. I will agree that they are lighter than duracells by about a gram

2007.11.23, 02:35 PM
I think the new price per cell was 73. The new batteries look alot like the Fuji Cells, but they are labeled Better Power Co. and have the same orange bands. They have been running very well for us..


2007.11.23, 03:00 PM
I like Duracell