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2007.11.23, 03:35 PM
So wat is the hot ticket in the F1 world

2007.11.23, 03:45 PM
f1 period. f1's typically sell at a premium no matter what they are.

2007.11.23, 03:53 PM
sorry, I must have worded that post weird. Well what setups and mods are everyone using these days?

2007.11.26, 07:43 PM
bearings, rear diff with pod and tires are easy and very effective upgrades

2007.11.26, 10:06 PM
Carbon Fiber Rear Suspension Plate Set, Kyosho PN: MFW05, IMO an absolutely must have even before ball bearings. Atomic makes a set too but I’ve haven’t tried them…

Of course ball bearings and tires are a must, but unfortunately the final tire choice depends on your car’s setup, how you drive, and the track surface you are driving on, so the best choice for you and your car ends up being a mater of personal preference based on experimentation, in general for RCP you will likely want to start with 20° rears and 30° fronts.

From there personal preference really takes over, I like a good ball diff, but have been royally spanked more than once by drivers who prefer the stock gear differentials. Atomic makes an aluminum motor mount and disk damper, for me a complete waste of time and money, but other people swear by them…

There are many great articles in the forum on setting up an F1 but first I’d start by finding any old post by Ruf and follow the Reflex Racing link, once there click on setups/tech, read the MR02 vs F1 tech article at least once maybe twice, then take a look at the set-up sheets for a couple of proven set-ups that would be a great place to start.

2007.11.26, 11:11 PM
Thanks for the plug, LBRC! :D The Atomic ones are just as effective, and cheap too, but they tend to break easily. If you get turned sideways, all it takes is one good shot and you're DNF. The Kyosho carbon fiber ones are much more durable.

2007.11.30, 06:23 PM
Thanks Guy! :)