View Full Version : Track is up!!!

2007.11.23, 11:42 PM
She's done and ready to go. We put quit a few laps on her today, very tight. Will need the expansion pac for 1/18 scale. I belive quickest lap time when I left was 8.866...

2007.11.28, 11:28 AM
The New Track is awesome! I love it :D. Better handling than the carpet.

2007.11.28, 01:26 PM
Wheres the pics? :D

2007.12.04, 10:15 AM
The track is and great track layout, with have that race this past thursday, the track needs to be wider :( , or have the same wideness like the old track, :D

Yeah, I agree wider would be better.

2007.12.04, 12:02 PM
I will be lending two Wide Radius Turns to the track until the club or hobby shop can get a kit in. The new turns will be installed before the next race. Hopefully, the expansion pack will be in also.

2007.12.04, 09:24 PM
Radius cornors are installed.....

2007.12.09, 09:37 AM
Those radius corners make a huge difference.