View Full Version : Stumbled upon a good drift/technical motor

2007.11.24, 09:18 AM
Got my mini-z recently and had loads of fun on it. However, wanted a higher torque motor for the extra acceleration out of corners and to kick the wheels into a spin for drifts as the stock AWD motor was lacking.

Went to my local hobby shop and scored some cheap tamiya motors to muck around with. Found the following tamiya/stock combo meeting my expectations.

Can: Kyosho AWD stock
Brushes: Kyosho AWD Stock (Carbon)
Armature: Tamiya Atomic Tuned (to keep the current draw within my stock fets' limit. Best combo of torque and speed.)
Magnets: Tamiya Power Dash (they seemed like extremely strong ferrite magnets. Holding torque of motor was high on these magnets.)

Ended up with a faster motor with an impressive amount of torque without the need for any turbos/fet stacking. Runtimes were excellent. However, the beauty of this cheap frankenstein motor was its linear response thru the throttle range. Found it very easy to control my drifts. If I swap out my pvc tires for grippy rubbers, the acceleration on this baby is fantastic (or course it can never beat those with turbos and extra hot motors).

Anyone care to make a similiar motor and dyno it to make comparisions with other motors? Might try to lay my hands on a BB can to squeeze that extra bit out.

2007.11.24, 09:21 AM
This site has some numbers on the motors you used

Of course since you interchanged some parts, numbers would be a little different, but it shouldn't be too far from the atomic tuned numbers. Stronger magnets should reduce some RPMs

2007.11.26, 06:16 AM
compared it with an awd xspeed...

and this combo motor runs faster and with more torque... :D