View Full Version : VIDEO...Lithium Truck Xmod Offroading

2007.11.24, 10:40 AM
i got a video camera so i tested it out making this xmod video, it wasn't meant to be online but here it is anyway. I have a cold so im sniffling the whole time, haha. I'm driving and recording which is why both aren't very good! What do you think of the truck?
VIDEO (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vovN9R5NAI)

2007.11.24, 11:18 AM
nice truck:)

add music to cover your breathing, must have a cold or something :confused: it's easy to do with windows movie maker which is a free program with xp

2007.11.24, 10:24 PM
wow nice, mine can bearly crawl on carpet then I jumped it down the stairs now its in 4 pie :p ces