View Full Version : ko helios mini z module Q

2007.11.24, 08:48 PM
could i use the normal 27mhz module or do i HAVE to get the mini z module,i found the helios for a good price but it has normal 27mhz module and rx...

2007.11.24, 10:19 PM
almost sure it will work but I wouldnt only take my advice :)

2007.11.24, 10:29 PM
Most likely you are referring to a 27MHz FM module and receiver. If that's the case, it won't work with a Mini-Z AM system without the Mini-Z AM module.

2007.11.24, 10:44 PM
its 27mhz am,i assume it will work but thought id check anyway:)
found the z package on kenon so ill get it all ordered thanks guys

2007.11.25, 03:59 AM
That's interesting. What are the model numbers on the tx module and the rx? I've never seen a "normal" 27MHz AM Helios module.