View Full Version : HFAY Season 4 Race 8 Mixup :(

2007.11.27, 01:57 PM
(not sure if this is in the right thread)

Hi there, whomever it concerns,
In the last event of the HFAY i was mistakenly posted as having completed 70 laps for season 4 race 8, when it should actually be 81 (i can't remember the actual times but Brian has them on record), Brian (of SRUK) has addressed this matter for me but i see that nothing has been done about it, so i just though i would bring it to open attention in the hopes that someone will get back to me with some positive input :)
As by my reckoning (could be wrong) it should move me from my current position of 22nd, to a more pleasurable position of 19th.

Thanks for taking the time to address the matter.

2007.11.27, 02:35 PM
posted to the incorrect subforum, moved to hfay subforum.

2007.11.27, 03:19 PM
Thanks for posting in correst place ;)

2007.11.27, 07:58 PM
Brian did contact me and I informed him that it will be updated when I update for this months times.

it's alot of work to go back and re-do the results. I currently have very little time to spare, it will be don thought.

thanks for the reminder. :D

2007.11.28, 08:15 AM
Thanks Brian...lol i didn't know you were called Brian too, the original post was FAO Brian as in Stafford Brian...lmao
Thank you for sorting it, much appreciate it!