View Full Version : Mini-Z Bodies!

2007.11.29, 06:27 PM
My Mini-Z babies are ready to play!

2007.11.29, 07:51 PM
My Mini-Z babies are ready to play!

Fabulous choices. SC430, Mclaren, and Z are on top 10

2007.11.30, 02:34 AM
Nice body choices, I've seen alot of the racers use all those bodies at the track I go to race at. I personally like the Enzo body on my AWD. :cool:

2007.11.30, 07:21 AM
Nice intro. Welcome to the forum!!

2007.12.05, 06:01 PM
Thanks for the compliments guys! Of all my bodies, my favorite so far
is the Mclaren F1. It's like driving on rails. PN racing everywhere and
Atomic Stock R motor.

2007.12.26, 09:09 PM
Nice MR02. I was going to do a PN SPech MR02 for the Mclaren F1 you got there. But I was going to leave the chassis blue, and get PN's orange alloy to compliment the Mclaren's orange. That would really look good together.