View Full Version : Newest Mini-Z track in NNJ/NY area

2007.12.02, 07:57 PM
:D pssst.... new permanent rcp race track. Close to route 17 in N NJ, under 30 minutes from NYC. Up and running for almost 4 weeks already. :)

Cruizin w/ RC's (http://www.cruizinrc.com)

Directions, some photos and contact info at website.

Friday and Saturday racing... 7pm
Thousands of parts and mods available on site.

Be sure to tell Ron that a post on MiniZracer.com and info from the website got you there!

Hope to race you soon!

2008.01.26, 11:40 AM
I was there this Monday with my son, he is new to the hobby and he was running a Xmods I bought him for Xmas. This is a fun track, one of Ron's groupies was there modding his car to the gills and his car was sweet. Then a one after another regulars started to show up and started to smoke the track. My son with his Xmods Barricade lights and all stayed in the mix and had a blast. You could run a complete stock car and have fun, but you can feel the wind of the modified cars.

Great track!!!:)