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2007.12.03, 12:14 PM
Hi there fangel.
Thanks for all of your information and more for your obvious dedication to your brand(s).
I recently bought a Nanoracer and am very impressed indeed.
I also bought a Nanodragon from your Australian distributor but when I ordered another, was told they are out of stock and can't get any more at the moment. Same response from T0yeast. Can you tell me when the Nanodragon will be available again as I am after another 2 of them. I am buying another 4 firelap 02's this month I was so impressed by them. The reason I buy several is that I always keep one model exactly stock so as to have a definitive comparison when I install a mod or change a setting. I can says it makes "x" amount of difference.

The iWaver 02M & 03's look interesting as well I may investigate those soon. Aftger Xmas maybe.

2007.12.03, 07:54 PM
Thanks for having interest with our Firelap brand.

hum..We don't have any distributor in Australia as far as I remember. But I could be wrong.
I can tell you that NanoDragon 2 is current out of stock and it might not come back until we get some solid upgrade done on the NanoDragon design.
ND2 is dead, but keep an eye out for ND3 or ND2 pro (still undecided, might depend on how much change has occur.)

iwaver 02M is currently undergoing some performance upgrade, it should be back by early 2008, 03 is still in late development phase it should be release within 2008.

2007.12.04, 07:17 AM
Thank you Fangel,
I think that your presence here is one of the reasons I went for the firelap with your support and information I felt I was buying a product with some integrity.
Ausmicro was selling some of yur product here (Nanodragon, and firelap/iWaver bodies) Bestoy are doing some iwaver but not everything.

2007.12.04, 09:22 AM
i have to say honestly, i'm very impressed with iwaver/firelaps response to user feedback and willingness/desire to improve your product line. :)

2007.12.05, 01:04 PM
I was just wondering how your Firelap 04 is coming along. It looks like a great design. :D

2007.12.05, 07:34 PM
Firelap 4.0, it has been discontinued for quite a long time. I think at least one year.
iwaver 05 has a even better design with 4WD and independent 5 pin servo. Please check it out.
I'm hearing all these news and improvement to help develop the product for all fellow racer.