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2007.12.05, 01:28 AM
240Mintues Mini-Z Endurance Race in SoCal

12th Jan, 2008

Track open 10:00am, Race start 12:00noon



2007.12.12, 06:37 PM
Sweet! Maybe I'll go on this one. We'll see...

2007.12.13, 11:59 AM
ooppsss... never mind! Atomic has race on this day...

2008.01.11, 03:11 PM
Thought I would just bump this up for my good buddy King haha.

Here are the rules from www.kenonrcrc.com

" 240Mintues Mini-Z Endurance Race in SoCal
12th Jan, 2008
Track open 10:00am, Race start 12:00noon
240 minutes race, 30 minutes NIGHT TIME in middle
Racers need install the night set (entry fee included)
3 Racers in a Team
Kyosho Mini-Z chassis only
1 car only, racers can use own transmitters
PCB board 1 spare only, unlimited modify
Unlimited Change items
Batteries (4 x AAA only each time)
Motors (unlimited brand & unlimited type)
Tires (Silicon & Rubber only, no foam tires)
Bodies (Kyosho or PN Pan Car only)
Email your team information to us 240@rckenon.com
Team name
Team members
Team Leader
Entry Fee 90.00 per team
Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each team members.

Date: 2007-12-04"

2008.01.11, 04:13 PM
Race Postpone

2008.01.11, 05:02 PM
Oh really? I haven't been down to Kenon or talked to King in a while, any word on why or when it will now be held? Thanks